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Fixed dental prosthesis

If we consider the teeth as guards at the entrance of the mouth and each tooth is considered as a soldier, in case of the loss of one of these soldiers, a replacement force must be added to the army of the mouth quickly from another unit. This single unit is the single tooth or prosthesis that is placed in the space of the previous unit. In this article, we mention the concept of dental prosthesis and the types of dental prosthesis, and in the following article, we will give you comprehensive and complete information about fixed dental prosthesis.

What is a dental prosthesis?

Before examining fixed dental prosthesis, it is better to get familiar with the concept of prosthesis. If we want to have a simple definition of prosthodontics, we can describe it as follows:

In general, dental materials and tools that can be used to replace a lost tooth are called prostheses. One of its most important tasks is replacing missing teeth and covering tooth defects.

Types of dental prostheses

Fixed dental prosthesis

The fixed dental prosthesis includes a crown or veneer and a dental bridge. These prostheses are attached and fixed in place by special glue or screws, and for this reason, as the name suggests, they are called fixed dental prostheses. This type of prosthesis not only solves problems such as improving chewing and speaking but also restores the beauty of your teeth.

Movable prostheses

Sometimes, the number of missing teeth of the patient is high or it can be said that the patient has lost all his teeth, in this case, prostheses are used, or better to say, teeth that can be easily put in and out of the mouth.

6 important points about fixed dentures

  1. The material of fixed dental prosthesis is very resistant and is considered a permanent treatment for missing teeth.
  2. Fixed dental prostheses, unlike mobile prostheses, do not affect the patient psychologically, and even over time, they make the person feel very comfortable. So that he considers it as his natural tooth.
  3. After-care of fixed dentures is extremely important, and a person should follow all the doctor’s recommendations immediately after this treatment.
  4. The method of making dental prosthesis is such that the prosthesis has a natural and proportionate appearance and size compared to other teeth.
  5. Fixed dental veneers can also be divided into three types of ceramic veneers, zirconia, and pfm. Each of them is used for the patient according to the condition and position of the tooth and at the discretion of the doctor.
  6. Ceramic veneers have a very natural appearance and high strength at the same time.



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