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Fast treatment of sores on the tongue and mouth

Ulcers on the tongue or feeling pain most of the time may be due to reasons such as trauma, damage or injury. In other situations, the cause of sores on the tongue can be due to the occurrence of red pimples on the tongue, or the appearance of red grains on the tongue due to infection and viral or bacterial factors. Ulcers on the tongue and red spots on the tongue, whiteness on the tongue and swollen grains on the bottom of the tongue are mostly benign. In the continuation of the examination, we will discuss the cause of tongue ulcer and burning tongue, the cause of protrusion on the side or on the tongue, as well as the quick treatment of mouth ulcer by the best dentist in Canada. Stay with us.

What is the cause of sores on the tongue or burning tongue?

One of the most common causes of sores on the tongue or inflammation of the tongue is physical damage to the tongue. Common factors such as biting the cheek, biting the tongue, eating or drinking hot foods, improper brushing and injury by the edge of sharp teeth or injuries caused by dentures in the mouth can cause sores on the tongue and a burning sensation in the tongue. In addition to physical damage factors, other factors such as oral diseases, use of certain drugs, chemotherapy, diabetes, herpes and drugs used for cancer can cause sores on the tongue and red spots and spots around or on the tongue. Other reasons that cause lesions under the tongue or plague include the following:

  • Injury or physical damage to the tongue
  • Lack of nutrition and vitamins
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Food allergies

In most cases, the cause of sores on the tongue is physical injuries, and discomfort in these areas may be due to virus invasion and factors such as stress and hormonal disturbances. To check, examine and treat this complication, you should visit an oral disease specialist and a doctor of oral lesions.

Fast healing of mouth and tongue sores

The existence of any kind of suspicious complication inside the mouth may be considered normal for a person in the first stage or it may improve over time. But in other situations, if the sores on the tongue and inside the mouth, which are symptoms of oral diseases, persist for more than a week or are accompanied by bleeding, you must be examined by an oral disease specialist, an oral lesion specialist, and an oral cancer specialist. Check your oral health status. Diagnosing the type of oral lesions is the responsibility of the specialist in oral and maxillofacial diseases. In this situation, the specialist of oral diseases aims to diagnose the cause of ulcers on the tongue, quickly treat oral ulcers and by taking samples of the type of lesion in the mouth or lesion on the tongue and sending it to the pathology laboratory of oral diseases to investigate and recognize the disease of the tongue and mouth.



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