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Extracting a broken tooth

Broken teeth are one of the unfortunate events that may have happened to many people. There are different reasons for broken teeth, one of the most common of which is cold and sudden heating of teeth. Of course, other reasons, including excessive osteoporosis, can also cause teeth to break. The best thing to do in this situation is to consult a specialist gum surgeon or maxillofacial surgeon before treating or extracting a tooth and follow up on the cause so that with a more detailed examination by the specialist and his treatment plan, you can decide to keep or extract the tooth. broken to be taken in this article, we discuss everything about extracting a broken tooth, the cost of extracting a broken tooth, and how to repair a broken tooth. If you also have this problem or you want to be prepared when facing this incident, be sure to read this article.

Reasons for breaking teeth

  • Tooth breakage due to decay
  • Impact on the tooth
  • Weakening of teeth with denervation and tooth breakage

What should we do when a tooth breaks?

  • At this time, immediately put the broken tooth in milk, serum, or water and wash your mouth.
  • The fracture may be such that the tooth has a sharp edge and causes the tongue to become sore. To prevent this from happening, stick a piece of wax or chewing gum on the sharp edge of the tooth.
  • Put a cold compress on the broken tooth to reduce pain and swelling.
  • To prevent bleeding, put some sterile gauze on the bleeding area and press for ten minutes.

Treatment methods for broken teeth

  • Broken tooth surgery

The usual reasons that a broken tooth needs surgery are the long root of the tooth or the tooth being so rotten that it gets eaten during extraction, but in general, it is not possible to say exactly when we need surgery for a broken tooth and only when it is clear that the dentist examines the patient and determines the treatment plan after a detailed examination of the patient’s photo.

  • Extracting a broken tooth

In cases where it is not possible to save a broken tooth with various methods such as surgery or tooth restoration, a dental specialist and surgeon prescribe the extraction of a broken tooth., the tooth decay is so high that it cannot be treated with tooth restoration or coating. Also, when there is periodontal disease, the dentist usually removes the broken tooth.

  • Repair of broken teeth

When a tooth is broken, in the first stage, the dentist tries to fix and maintain that tooth with different methods, including tooth lamination, dental composite, and onlay, but when the crown of the tooth is completely broken, usually fiber post methods, lengthening Dental crowns and veneers are used.

The cost of extracting a broken tooth

The cost of extracting a broken tooth is measured according to various factors and depends on the difficulty of the work and the way the tooth is broken. Sometimes, during tooth extraction, surgery may be required for that tooth, and all these factors are influential in determining its exact cost.

Golden tips about actions after tooth extraction

  • Use an ice compress in the early hours after tooth extraction.
  • After 24 hours, it is recommended to use a hot towel.
  • Put sterile gauze on the extracted tooth.
  • Use soft food for the first few days after the extraction of a broken tooth.
  • Avoid smoking for the first few days after tooth extraction.
  • Finally, after almost two months, the area of the extracted tooth has completely recovered. Go to the dentist in Mississauga to get the best treatment for replacing the missing tooth with an examination by a specialist. In this situation, dentists usually suggest implant treatment.


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