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Everything about baby tooth retainer

In many cases, the process of falling out of milk teeth and the growth of natural teeth in children is disrupted for various reasons, and one or more teeth may fall out prematurely. At this time, the astronaut is used after checking the complete condition of the patient. A spacer is a device that is placed in a child’s mouth to fill the space of a missing tooth and prevent it from being closed by the movement of other teeth.

Golden tips about baby tooth spacers

  • Lack of oral hygiene causes the accumulation of plaque and bacteria, resulting in gum infection and decay, or some cases, tooth discoloration.
  • Do not use sticky food, as it may stick to the spacer and be difficult to remove.
  • If the retainer is damaged or torn off, you should contact your dentist immediately.
  • After the child’s tooth spacer is made, it may feel uncomfortable at first, it will take some time for the child to get used to it.
  • Correct and regular use of dental floss and toothbrush is necessary, and pediatric dentists give the necessary training to the child and his parents in this regard.
  • Some pediatric spacers are very similar to orthodontics and sometimes one or more teeth are used to fill the empty space.

Types of children’s tooth spacers are divided into two categories:

  • Fixed retainer: This type of retainer is usually used for younger children and is placed in their mouths to prevent it from being broken or taken out by the child. This retainer also has different types, according to its position in the mouth, one of its types is chosen by the doctor.
  • Non-fixed mobile carrier: This type of carrier is also recommended for older children because it requires special handling and care. This type of retainer is similar to an orthodontic dental plaque and is easily removed from the mouth and can be reinserted.

How much does a child’s tooth spacer cost?

Since spacers have different sizes and types and are made in a special way for each patient, their cost varies and is determined by a pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill based on various factors. To get more information on this matter, the patient must first be examined by a pediatrician or an orthodontist, then after consulting and considering all the details of the treatment, the price of the astronaut will be determined.


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