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emax laminate and its benefits

Emax laminates are thin layers of tooth-colored material that are attached to the front surface of damaged or discolored teeth. You might think that all dental crowns are the same.

It is true that all of them work for the same reason and give you a white and beautiful smile. But in general, they are different. Of course, the veneer form and the final result depend on the delicacy of the work and the experience of your dentist in Toronto.

In this article, we want to introduce you to Emax ceramic laminate, one of the best and most prominent types of dental veneers. In the following article, we will explain what emax laminate is and we will talk about the types of laminate and the benefits of ceramic laminate. Stay with us for more information in this field.

What is emax laminate?

One of the new treatments used in dentistry is the Emax laminate coating. This laminate is an updated member of the Empress Porcelain family. Its durability is confirmed by the useful source of glass ceramics without the use of metal.

Emax coating includes lithium disilicate. To create a very high transparency and overall performance to penetrate the material, which makes Emax laminates appear very beautiful and natural.

Also, this product is used to create a Hollywood smile due to its high biocompatibility and high quality. In general, this laminate is considered lithium disilicate. Emax laminates are made of unbalanced electric power and compact ceramic with high strength and resistance.

They are strong and safe from breaking. These elements allow them to be produced in very thin layers and allow preparation (without holes and cavities) on the tooth surface.

Their thickness is completely 0.3 mm, almost as thin as the eye lens. Due to the skinny thickness of Emax, there is almost no option to shave teeth to install this form of laminate.

Advantages of emax laminate

One of the advantages of this laminate is the high light transmission rate, which can give the teeth a non-matte, clear, and completely natural appearance. Despite the type of colors of this laminate, you can choose the closest color tone to your natural teeth.

The possibility of testing 9 colors before the final installation makes it more natural. There is no metal substructure on this type of laminate, so its use is very stable for sensitive patients and there is no more metallic taste inside the mouth.

When using this veneer for a long time, like other veneers containing steel, the purple color will no longer form on the gums and sides of your tooth enamel. Emax laminate does not cause hypersensitivity reactions inside the gums. Since laminate materials are compatible with gums and tooth enamel, they do not damage the shape of the enamel and cause gum decay.

The uniform and smooth surface of Emax laminate prevent the formation of plaque. Thanks to the Emax coating method, cavities are prevented due to the lack of a suitable environment for the formation of bacteria on the floor of the tooth.

After installing this laminate, there is no dissatisfaction among the patients and a high percentage of them are satisfied with its appearance. Everyday porcelain laminates are prone to cracking and breaking due to their thickness, but emax laminates are harder, thinner, and more durable.

For whom is Emax ceramic laminate used?

People who are looking to decorate their appearance through a method to increase the shape and beauty of their teeth when they smile can benefit from Emax laminate. Adults with irregular or crooked teeth are also fans of this method of beauty.

Among them, shaved teeth and teeth with cracks and imperfections are candidates for using this product. This ceramic coating is an opportunity to whiten the teeth, and besides changing the shape of the teeth, it also changes the color of the teeth.

Patients can use this method to have aligned and white teeth and enjoy the beauty of their teeth. In addition, it is used for people who have a diastema or hollow between the teeth, or for people who have 6 to 7 whiter milk teeth.

Laminates are a great tool for dentists because they can help with all kinds of problems and eventual gaps between enamel, discolored teeth that don’t respond to whitening, and those that have wear.

Emax laminate cost

With the best care and daily inspections, Emax laminates can last 15 to 20 years. It is also resistant to chips, cracks, and breaking. The most vital detail in developing the longevity of emax ceramic laminate is the way you take care of your teeth. Emax veneers match the gums well and are safe to use.

Emax laminates are usually more expensive than metal veneers. But this price is compensated by the natural appearance of the teeth and comfortable and useful use in the long term. The price of emax laminate depends on the level of your tooth decay, the type of tooth that you want to laminate, and the amount of laminate you want in your mouth.


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