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Effects of eating without teeth

Do you eat your food without wearing dentures? You know that the consequences of eating without teeth are many. At a glance, this issue is not easy and comfortable. Also, eating without teeth will threaten your health. In the following, we are going to discuss the dangers and disadvantages of not chewing food and how a competent dentist can help you in this regard.

The dangers of eating food without teeth on people’s health

You may have lost one or more teeth. Also, on this basis, prefer eating without teeth. In addition to these cases, do not use implants or artificial teeth to replace them. Most people are used to eating without teeth and prefer this. While this issue seriously harms their health. The risks and complications of this work are described below.

Effects of eating food without teeth on gums and jaws

Eating food without teeth causes many problems for gums and jaws. In normal conditions and even with all the teeth, the jaw, and gums bear a lot of pressure. So, in the absence of teeth, this pressure must be multiplied so that the result is similar when; there are teeth.

Eating food without teeth will cause the gums to tear and decay. Also, missing teeth can put pressure on other teeth while eating. The gums may experience pain, bleeding, burning, or infection. You may also have the temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ); which is associated with severe pain in the jaw and head area.

The presence of teeth or the use of artificial teeth prevents the effects of eating food without teeth for the jaw. During eating, normal teeth apply 90 to 115 kilos of force to the bite. This force reaches 45 kilos with artificial teeth. But this force is much better and more effective than the gum that alone applies force to the food. If your jaw area is empty, it will be weak; as a result, the shape of your face changes. The jaw may also be fractured and require surgery.

One of the problems of eating without teeth is that your nutritional needs are not met. Because in this case, you can only eat foods such as soup, vegetables, purees, etc. It is better to use artificial teeth continuously to meet nutritional needs.

Cause digestive problems by eating without teeth

Eating without teeth damages your digestive system. Because you do not chew your food completely and the digestive system suffers. If large and unchewed pieces of food are blocked in the way of your esophagus, you will have big problems. How?

Eating without teeth causes partial digestion of food. Because food digestion starts from the mouth. The lack of teeth causes food to reach the stomach in large pieces. These large pieces get stuck in your intestines and the harmful substances remain. As a result, problems such as bloating, indigestion, and bacterial growth occur. Avoiding chewing soft foods will cause you to lose many vitamins and substances needed by the body. By chewing food, stomach, and pancreas acid are secreted for digestion. By chewing food, pancreatic acids are secreted which will help in digestion. Digestion also takes place in the small intestine.

The help of a skilled dentist to reduce the effects of eating without teeth

The side effects of eating without teeth are many and dangerous and endanger your health. In addition, it is better to have your mouth and teeth examined by a skilled dentist in Canada once in a while. By examining you, the doctor will suggest the best solution to replace the missing teeth. Or he suggests you use artificial teeth. Eating without teeth endangers your life and health. With the doctor’s examinations, you will be prevented from having serious complications and your condition will be under control. Here only half of the examination and control will be in the hands of the dentist. The other half of the story will be about you using the necessary tools.


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