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Eating with dental laminates

Maybe you are also wondering how much laminate teeth affect your eating habits?! Although dental laminates are very resistant and durable, unlike the natural tissue of the tooth, they cannot self-repair if damaged. However, you can take care and use them more carefully and extend their life. How you eat with dental laminate can be very decisive. That’s why in this article we will show you how to prevent foods from reducing the lifespan of your dental laminate.

Eating with dental laminates: a complete list of what to eat and what not to eat!

Eating with permanent dental laminates

You may be asking, “So, how does the protection of permanent dental veneers affect my diet?”

The first thing you need to know is that permanent laminates are more durable than temporary laminates, so they require fewer restrictions on your diet. However, they are also permanent prostheses that require care. For example, trying to open a package using laminated teeth will damage them. Eating certain foods can also damage your laminates. In general, it is recommended to eat with dental laminate with caution.

What foods and drinks should we avoid?

Let’s take a look at the nutritional dos and don’ts of having dental veneers:

There are very few foods that you should avoid to protect the enamel of your teeth. Most of the foods that we all consume daily are harmless to the enamel of our teeth. As we said before, these laminates are quite strong and durable. Of course, it is worth noting that some of these foods, although they do not directly damage the enamel of the teeth, reduce their lifespan. Some of these foods are:

  • Acidic foods and drinks
  • Very hard foods
  • alcohol
  • Hard and crunchy food
  • Sticky things
  • Dark liquids

Let’s explore these in detail!

Acidic foods and drinks:

Foods and drinks containing acids such as lemons, tomatoes, and carbonated drinks can destroy the bonding agent between the tooth surface and the laminate. This erosion process takes time. But it can shorten the life of your laminates in the long run and with high consumption.

Very hard foods:

Permanent laminates are quite durable compared to other models. However, the hardness of some foods can damage these laminates. For example, ice is a very hard material, and even if you don’t have laminate, you should avoid biting the ice. Some candies can also be very hard. So it is better not to try to break or chew them with your teeth. It is also better to cut hard fruits and vegetables like carrots and then eat them. When eating meat, you should be careful about the possibility of bones in it. Trying to chew hard meat with the front teeth can also be harmful.


Excessive alcohol consumption can erode the bonding material. This includes the use of mouthwashes with a high percentage of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.

Hard and crunchy foods:

Crispy foods like toast or toast can damage your laminates. For this reason, it is generally recommended to use soft bread.

Sticky things:

Sticky candies, caramels, toffees, and similar products can get stuck in the enamel of your teeth and damage them.

Dark and stained liquids:

Permanent laminates are usually stain resistant. However, consuming such things may cause discoloration of the bonding agent and other tissues and spoil the beauty of your smile. So it is better to wash your mouth after consuming them. Some of them are red wine, coffee, and tea.

What can you eat with permanent laminates?

As long as you are careful when eating the foods we mentioned above, you can eat whatever you want. Remember that laminates are designed to be very durable. So in most cases, you don’t have to worry about them.

Can you eat solid food with permanent laminates?

As long as you are careful, yes! Standard hardness will not pose a threat to your permanent laminates. However, as we mentioned above, some foods can be very hard. Caution is useful in eating such foods. For example, instead of chewing and crushing very hard foods with your front teeth, you can cut them into small pieces before eating. This may seem like a very simple solution. However, with such simple solutions, you can significantly extend the life of your laminates.

Can you bite food with your laminated teeth?

Yes. Your permanent laminates are designed to handle the daily tasks of your teeth. They should be strong and durable and protect your natural teeth. However, some situations like the ones we mentioned above can reduce the lifespan of dental laminates. Biting soft foods will not be a problem. But be careful, applying too much force with your laminates on very hard foods can damage them. So chopping or slicing before eating will protect your laminates.

Can I eat apples with my teeth laminated?

Yes, but the apple is one of the fruits that we should be careful about. Biting this fruit can damage your laminates. You can eat apples, but it is recommended to slice them and chew them with your back teeth before eating them.

Can I eat maize?

Yes, you can. But you have to be careful not to bite the maize. Similarly, when eating meat, you should be careful not to bite the bone.

Does food get stuck in the dental laminate?

Yes, it is possible. Especially for sticky foods like hard candies, caramels, and toffees. Be careful when removing food stuck in the laminate. Because you may damage the laminates. To avoid such conditions, you can wash and brush your teeth quickly after eating sticky things. Rinsing with warm salt water can soften stuck food and make it easier to remove.

If food gets stuck between the tooth and the laminate, you should visit your dentist. Because this means that the bonding agent has eroded and a gap has been created between the tooth and the laminate. So, before it causes more serious problems, it should be seen and repaired by your dentist in Toronto.

Can food enter the laminate of the teeth?

Eating with dental veneers is just like eating with your natural teeth, food particles can get into your veneers. The point that you should not forget here is that you should not be too hard while separating the food from your teeth. Standard dental care methods will be sufficient for this type of situation.

Foods you can or can’t eat with ceramic laminates!

Ceramic laminates are usually the most durable types of dental laminates. They best play the role of the natural structure and movements of your teeth. Of course, this does not mean that it is impossible to break the laminate. Even the grafting agent may be discolored. To protect them, you may need to avoid or use caution with the following products. Food other than these will not cause any danger.

  1. Dark liquids: red wine, black coffee, black tea… (It can change the color of the bonding agent. It can be consumed, but it is better to wash your mouth afterward.)
  2. Hard candies and sticky foods
  3. Crunchy and hard foods (it is better to eat with caution)
  4. Drinks with a high dose of alcohol (can damage the binding agent)
  5. Very hard foods (such as bones in meat, carrots, and ice)
  6. Highly acidic foods and drinks (such as tomato sauces can erode adhesives)



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