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Dos and don’ts of eating for those with braces

What foods should you eat when you use orthodontic braces? Can you eat foods like chocolate and chips? Are there any foods that should not be consumed during treatment with braces? Do you only have to follow a certain diet while you have braces?

These questions are only a few of the multitude of questions that people have in their minds about food consumption during orthodontic braces treatment. We will answer all these questions in this article. And we will introduce you to the foods that you should eat during the treatment or the foods that you should not eat in this situation. Be sure to read the rest of the article to get answers to your questions.

Why should you avoid certain foods during treatment with orthodontic braces?

The orthodontist advises you to be careful about your eating habits when using braces and always follow the care tips during the treatment process. Your braces have brackets, bands, and wires, all of which can be damaged by eating certain foods. Eating unusual foods during this period can lead to serious damage to the braces, which can disrupt and slow down the process of aligning and straightening your teeth.

In addition to the possibility of damage to braces, eating certain foods can cause tooth decay. This can affect the overall health of your mouth and teeth. When you have braces, food particles stick to your teeth more than any other situation. And naturally, it will be more difficult to separate it. If you don’t brush your teeth or rinse your mouth immediately after consuming food, your teeth will become discolored in addition to decay.

These particles can cause the formation of plaque and tartar and make the process of scaling and whitening teeth difficult after removing braces.

What foods should not be consumed during treatment with braces?

Here are some foods that you should not consume:

Popcorn or popcorn

Some crunchy foods, such as popcorn, have the ability to loosen braces, brackets, and bend orthodontic wires. Popcorn can also get stuck in the components of braces and accelerate the decay process and even cause pain in your teeth. In addition to corn, avoid nuts.


Hard foods can easily damage your braces and teeth. Avoid using the following hard substances:

  • All kinds of candies
  • Some raw vegetables like carrots
  • peanut
  • Biscuit
  • Ice

Cob milk

Basically, eating different foods with front teeth can be a little troublesome. Avoid eating cobs when you have braces. Because you have to eat it with your front teeth. And it may cause the wire to bend or break. In addition, you can’t imagine the small food items that get stuck in your teeth from eating cobs. Similarly, avoid eating the following:

  • Chicken wings
  • pears and apples
  • pickled cucumber
  • Rib meat


Foods like pizza that require a lot of chewing can be disastrous for your braces. They can get stuck in the bracket and may be difficult to eat. Avoid eating the following foods:

  • Big pieces of undercooked meat
  • Hard sweets
  • smoked meat

Candies, soft but sticky chocolates

Sugary and sticky foods are always bad and harmful for teeth even if you don’t have braces. But, if you have braces, the problem is even worse. Because sticky foods can stick to different components of the brace. Similarly, avoid the following:

  • caramel
  • licorice
  • toffee
  • gummy bears
  • Pickle

So what kind of food should we eat when using orthodontic braces?

Now that you know what foods are dangerous for you? It’s time to introduce some of the foods that you can consume during this period. Some of these foods are explained below:

Boneless meat

First of all, you should know that when using a brace, you should never eat the meat around the bones, such as ribs, wings, or chicken legs, because it is a dangerous and wrong thing to do. Eat meat only if:

  • fully cooked
  • be fragmented
  • It can be chewed easily and in a short period of time

Pasta, potatoes and some breads

Do you love carbs? Eating most types of pasta, potatoes and bread while wearing braces is safe and will not cause any problems for you. Just be careful not to eat hardened or stale bread.

Soft vegetarian foods

Before starting to consume vegetables, you should make sure that you cannot consume raw vegetables and you should avoid them for a while. Instead, you can boil or cook harder vegetables like carrots to make them easier to chew.

Lots of fresh fruit

Preparing fresh and completely ripe fruits is one of the needs of us humans. Most people enjoy fruits such as bananas, blueberries or strawberries that are soft and ideal for effortless chewing. We recommend that you avoid consuming apple with skin, instead peel it, cut it into pieces or drink its juice.


Soup is a complete and ideal meal for those with braces. If you’ve just had braces attached to your teeth or you’ve had an adjustment session, it’s best to eat more soup. In addition to supplying energy to your body, soup will not harm the brace and its components since it is not chewed.

Dairy products

Dairy products such as yogurt, milk, and soft cheeses are all safe. Be careful that even after consuming these healthy and rich foods, you still need to brush your teeth to ensure the health of your teeth.

Certain types of candy in moderation

While hard candies and sticky sweets are completely off-putting and should not be consumed, certain types of candies and sweets can be enjoyed in moderation. A cup of Kiel containing some peanut butter, pudding or chocolate biscuit can be consumed in a controlled and occasional way. You just have to make sure that you must brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after consuming these substances.

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