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Does the toothache go away by itself?

Severe toothache can be a nightmare for you. Toothache is a very common problem that can be caused by many reasons. Some of the reasons that cause toothache and contribute to the occurrence of such a problem are: tooth decay, having a tooth abscess, tooth fracture, damaged tooth filling, gum infection, wisdom tooth eruption, having a hidden wisdom tooth, etc.

Now, let’s address the main question: Does the toothache go away by itself? Let’s pay the answer is “no”. Not all people who suffer from toothache can get rid of it just by sitting at home. A mild toothache caused by gum irritation can be treated without any dental care; but the toothache that you face for other reasons cannot be solved without visiting a dentist. In such a situation, you should visit the nearest dentist. You should know that not every dental problem will improve with time.

Why is toothache so painful?

The pulp inside the tooth is made up of tissues, nerves and blood vessels. You should know that the dental pulp is one of the sensitive parts of the body. If these nerves are infected or irritated by harmful bacteria, severe pain will result.

Toothache symptoms

Next, the dentist examines the symptoms of toothache, which include:

  • Pain when biting something
  • severe headache
  • having a fever
  • Constant bad breath

We hope that you now have a better understanding of toothache and have answered the question of whether toothache is self-healing or not. If you are suffering from severe toothache, contact your dentist in Canada immediately. If you go to the general dentists of your city in the early stages of treatment, the probability that you will recover with a low cost and simple treatment is very high, and if you delay the treatment, you will face more difficult problems and expensive treatments.


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