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Discolored gums

Many factors are effective in changing the color of the gums. Especially, these color changes are very large between teeth and gums. Factors such as genetics and smoking are very effective in the occurrence of these types of complications. Also, consuming foods with artificial colors is effective in the appearance of these bad gum colors. For this reason, a proper diet can control this condition. Also, other effective factors are effective in the occurrence of this complication and its control.

Effective factors in gum color change


As mentioned, genetics is an effective factor in changing the color of the gums. Because people with dark skin have darker gums. It means that the color of the gums is directly related to the color of the skin. In all cases, darkening of the gums is not a complication or disease. Rather, it may be due to a person’s genetics.

Tobacco and cigarettes

Smoking also darkens the gums, teeth, and lips. The presence of tar in cigarettes changes the color of teeth and gums. Also, the adhesives in cigarette tobacco will remain there for life by sticking to the gums and teeth. These factors are very effective in changing the color of the gums.


In addition, the presence of melanin is also effective in discolored gums. Melanin accumulates around the gums, leaving behind dark pigments. This factor causes the darkening of the gums and around the teeth.

Suspended particles and bacteria

Darker gums are more common in people who spend more time outdoors. The impact of suspended particles and lack of hygiene is more outside the house. Because a person is not able to brush his teeth after consuming food or smoking. The long-term accumulation of these dental particles causes the growth of bacteria and, as a result, dental plaques.

Taking some medications

Some medications cause color changes in the gums. Some antidepressants have this ability. Also, tooth-filling materials cause changes in the color of the gums. If such a complication occurs after taking the medicine, inform your doctor. In this case, changing the color of the gums will be prevented by replacing the appropriate medicine.

Fungus and oral infection

Oral fungal infections are another cause of gum discoloration. This condition is also known as oral thrush. This disease occurs in cases of severe anxiety and certain pills. After the necessary examinations, the dentist will treat it based on the causes of this complication. By exfoliating gum fungi, it fixes it. Also, after the treatment, the ways to prevent it will be reminded.

Lack of hygiene

Also, lack of hygiene is another factor in the occurrence of this condition. Because the food on the surface of the teeth and gums can be removed from the mouth by using a toothbrush and dental floss, if this action is not done, the food will start to grow bacteria after a few minutes. This suitable substrate increases their growth. At this speed, the accumulation of bacteria turns into dental plaque. Then, with very high adhesion in the areas around the teeth and gums, they cause their color to change.

Treatment of discolored gums

Discolored gums can also be caused by other diseases. Periodontitis is one of the gum diseases. In this condition, the gum tissue is destroyed and its living cells die. Also, due to the absence of living cells, its natural color becomes dark. In the term, this condition is also known as necrosis. Necrosis means dead tissue. This disease will also have other complications. Factors such as the production of bad breath in the mouth and bleeding gums are of this kind.

If this disease is not followed and treated, it reaches other tissues of the mouth and bones. In this case, irreparable consequences will follow. The treatment for this type of disease depends on its severity and how far it progresses in the bones and gums. In general, this treatment is done with gum grafting. Also, gum and bone surgery will restore and stimulate bone regeneration.

Lighten the color of the gums

Laser is one of the modern and advanced methods in dentistry. By using this method, there are many efficiencies in all types of treatment. This treatment is minimally invasive. Because the creation of surgical wounds is very small. Therefore, the treatment time will be short. In this case, the possibility of infection and other diseases is greatly reduced. For this reason, this treatment involves the least risk and invasion. It is possible to do this method using the health of the gums. If the gums have a disease or complication, they require treatment first. Then it is possible to lighten the gums.

Treatment of oral thrush, leukoplakia, and discolored gums

Oral thrush or white spots on the gums is an infection. This infection is caused by fungi. Treatment of this disease is done by shaving the thrush parts. Also, the occurrence of this complication may be due to leukoplakia. This cancerous complication is very common due to the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. If this disease is in its early stages, it can be cured by stopping its use. But in advanced stages, it can only be removed by surgery. Surgery is done with knife or laser cuts. In this case, frequent visits to the dentist in Ottawa are mandatory.

In general, to prevent gum diseases and its lousy color, the most important function is to visit the dentist regularly. In this case, complications can be controlled and treated in the early stages.


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