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Different levels of teeth

In this article, we will try to get to know different levels of teeth.

Mesial surface

Each tooth in the mouth is in contact with the teeth on both sides by its lateral surfaces. The mesial surface is the lateral surface of the tooth close to the midline; in other words, it is placed towards the front of the mouth.

Distal surface

The distal surface is the lateral surface of the tooth, which is farther from the midline and toward the back of the mouth.

Buccal surface

The surface of the tooth faces the outside of the mouth and cheek. The cheeks are placed on the buccal surface of the teeth. Another name for the buccal surface is the labial surface.

* The term buccal surface is used for posterior teeth and the term labial surface is used for anterior teeth.

Lingual surface

The lingual surface is towards the tongue and inside the mouth.

Occlusal surface

The occlusal surface is the surface of the teeth with which we chew food. When you put the upper and lower teeth together, the occlusal surface of the upper and lower teeth are placed on top of each other.

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