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Diagnosis of tooth decay at home

The main reason for tooth decay is the accumulation of bacteria on the tooth surfaces and feeding on the sugars that we consume and the production of acid, which at the microscopic level dissolves the tooth enamel and causes tooth decay.

1_ Observing stains on the teeth:

The presence of brown, black, or white spots on the teeth usually indicates caries, however, the problem may not be related to caries. If you see a spot on your teeth, it is better to visit a dental clinic for an examination.

2- Toothache while eating:

Note that if your tooth hurts when you eat food, the cause of this pain may be the presence of decay or cracks on your teeth, if after biting or chewing some food your teeth shoot and have pain It happens suddenly. This tooth may be infected. If it hurts when you touch your tooth, we recommend that you visit a dental clinic.

3- Bitter taste or bad breath:

Although you have noticed a bad smell or a bitter taste in your mouth, and if this issue is not resolved, there is a possibility of decay in the tooth, when the tooth is decayed and wormy, cavities are formed on the teeth, resulting in These cavities on the teeth, food particles get stuck in these cavities and cause the growth of bacteria, the accumulation of bacteria can cause a bad smell in the mouth.

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