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Dental unit

Doing the best treatments happens with the best facilities. One of the facilities needed for dentistry is a dental unit. In this article, we are talking about a standard and up-to-date unit.

Dental unit

A dental chair is a device on which a patient with a problem in the teeth and gums sits. The unit is a tool to control the movements of the chair and all the instruments that the dentist uses to treat the patient.

All dental units have a base on which the dental light is placed. The units have air inlets and sewage outlets. The unit is activated by compressed air, water, and electricity through a key or pedal, and the connection of rotating instruments and water and air to the unit is in two ways: 1. Hose from above, 2. hanging Hose units from above eliminate the possibility of the turbine or air motor falling.

Access to equipment

The dental unit must be designed in such a way that the equipment is easily accessible to the dentist in Ottawa and minimizes the spread of infection. The surface of the unit must be completely smooth and polished so that it can be easily cleaned and disinfected and its color will not be damaged under the influence of disinfectant solutions. For this reason, the units whose surface color is baked are ideal.

Prevent the spread of infection

To prevent the spread of infection, it is recommended to use disposable covers for instruments. Of course, in some units, there is a separate source for disinfectant, which is mixed with water and helps to reduce microorganisms.

Dental unit components

  • Dental chair
  • Dental light
  • The sanitary system includes: a shower bowl and water shower, suction, and saliva remover
  • Compressor
  • Stools or a chair on which the dentist sits next to you.
  • Doctor’s table or tablet

Dental chair

The dental chair must have enough strength and power to bear the patient’s weight during movement and stopping. The main components of the dental chair are:

Seat chassis

The main structure of the dental chair is its chassis, which consists of three upper, middle, and lower parts. These three parts have folding and vibration-free movements relative to each other by steel pipes and bronze bushings.

Sit cushion

The back of the dental chair is usually made of fiberglass and integrated. The back of the chair is moved by a motor known as the back angle change motor.

Under the series

In the design of the underset, efforts are made to minimize its vibration during work. Dental undersets have three degrees of freedom, height change, under-head angle change, and under-neck angle change.


The armrest of the dental chair is also installed on the left side of the chair so that the patient can easily sit on the chair from the right side.

Electric and pneumatic seat system

The chair’s movements may be electrically or pneumatically controlled depending on the unit type. In the electric type, there are two electric motors inside the chair, one motor changes the height and angle of the back and controls the back, and the other motor controls the chair itself, and by making a series of adjustments, the range of the chair’s movements can be determined.


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