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Dental surgery services

One of the most common branches of medical science is dental surgery. Specialist dentists and surgeons, after examining the jaw, mouth, and gums, may conclude that the patient should undergo surgery. Of course, most people confuse dental surgery with orthodontics. But we must say that this belief is completely wrong.

Dental surgery is not a type of tooth restoration and maintaining the stability of their condition, but in this treatment method, the doctor solves all the problems of the jaw, mouth, temple structure, etc. Also, by performing surgery, hidden teeth such as wisdom teeth can be removed from inside the jaw. Finally, we must point out that root canal surgery is also included in dental surgery.

Dental surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis, and the patient does not need to rest for several days. So, people who have surgery on their teeth can go about their daily and normal activities after the operation. In the following, we will mention the introduction of some types of surgical services in Ithar Dentistry so that people who do not have enough information about these surgical methods can get the necessary information.

The most common dental surgery methods

Oral and dental problems can happen to humans at any age. Therefore, the occurrence of any problem at any age should be examined by a specialist doctor. If the doctor confirms that the patient’s teeth and mouth need surgery, he can use the following methods. Each of these oral and dental surgery methods has a specific process. Therefore, before performing these dental surgery methods, a specialist dentist must examine the condition of the patient’s mouth and teeth. Among the most common surgical methods, we should mention the following;

  Dental implant surgery

For years, dentists and specialists have been using dental implants as an excellent method to solve oral and dental problems. In principle, we should consider the implant as a substitute for the tooth root that protects the tooth crown connected to the jaw bone.

Dental implant surgery is a long process. Also, the cost of this surgical method is higher than other methods. Because the dentist must make sure after the surgery whether the jaw bone is connected to the implant placed in the bone or not. To check this issue, the patient must be under the supervision of his doctor for a few months after the surgery.

People who are involved in tooth-destroying problems such as oral cancer, disease, caries, or smoking can perform dental implant surgery.

Jaw and root surgery

Many people are involved in the problem of tooth decay, or who are facing infection and inflammation in the root area of the tooth. This group of people can eliminate inflammatory and infectious problems with jaw and root surgery. Of course, it is necessary to keep in mind that this dental surgery method must be performed under the supervision of a specialist dentist in Kingston, otherwise, it may cause other problems for the jaw and mouth the patient has no choice but to extract the remaining tooth.

Wisdom teeth and wisdom teeth surgery

Wisdom teeth that are located in the jaw often cause a lot of damage to the mouth and gums. For this reason, doctors often prefer to remove these teeth from the mouth through surgery. These teeth are the last teeth that grow in the mouth at the age of 17 to 25 years.

Wisdom tooth surgery can be done on an outpatient basis. However, since these types of teeth cause a lot of damage to the gums, they usually need a few days for complete healing after surgery. If the patient follows all the dentist’s instructions regarding pre-and post-surgery care after the surgery, he can go through the wisdom tooth treatment process faster.


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