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Dental surgeries and its different types

Have you ever wondered why dental surgery is a completely separate branch of medical science? In fact, if we calculate its importance, oral health is as important as the overall health of the body! Oral health complications are a long list, and so are the types of surgical interventions associated with them.

Dental surgery itself is a vast field that is divided into two categories: Endodontic and Prosthodontic. Endo refers to the inner part of the tooth and Peru refers to the entire tooth. The nature and range of different types of surgeries allow you to have an idea of the two categories of surgeries.

1. Root surgery

Root canal treatment: The most common root surgery is root canal. This operation is performed when a person has a decayed tooth with an infected pulp and root. This procedure basically involves accessing the infected tooth pulp in order to extract it and replace the empty space with a filling material. Root canal treatment is mainly done in three ways:

Pulpotomy: This method is a preliminary stage of root canal treatment. The dentist primarily works on the pulp chamber and removes all the infection from the tooth.

Pulpectomy: This involves removing the entire pulp in the tooth. This also helps to quiet the pain temporarily.

Apicoectomy: The root of the tooth is known as Apex. Therefore, in Apicoectomy, the dentist removes the root of the tooth. In this process, the infection is also discharged.

2. Dental prosthesis surgery

Today, dental prostheses are widely used and include a wide range of treatments that are performed to improve the appearance of teeth. The different methods are:

Crown: The crown of the tooth is also known as the cap. Crowns are artificial teeth that act as a cover for a damaged or damaged tooth. Artificial crowns available in the market are made of various materials including CMC/PMC (metal ceramic/porcelain composite), gold or tin alloy or aluminum and other materials.

Veneers: Veneers are used for the front part of the tooth. Crowns are an artificial covering for damaged and damaged teeth (such as crowns). The only difference between veneers and dental crowns is that a small part of your tooth enamel (and not the tooth itself) must be shaved off to use the veneer.

Implant: Dental implant is one of the effective and popular methods of restoring lost teeth. Implants are basically made of titanium and are embedded in the jawbone on which the crown of the artificial tooth is placed.

Dentures: Dentures are basically a set of artificial teeth that are attached to the surface of your mouth. Therefore, if you are missing more than one tooth, dentures can be the right choice.

Knowing about the different types of oral surgeries will help you a lot in the decision making process. However, this article is specifically about dental surgery, which is a major part of oral health. A set of healthy and beautiful teeth speaks well about oral health.

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