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Dental scaling with ultrasonic

Many people believe that scaling damages the teeth and make them sensitive. All such arguments can be true. It is better to know what dental plaque is and why dentists in Richmond Hill recommend that dental plaque should be removed as soon as possible. To remove dental plaque, you need to do scaling. There are different methods for the crime. One of the most modern of these methods is dental scaling with ultrasonic.

Dental plaque

Dental plaque is a deposit that forms on a person’s gums and teeth, causing bad breath and discolored teeth, and even endangering the health of the teeth. This dangerous layer can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

What things increase the formation of dental caries?

  • dry mouth
  • Use of cigarettes and tobacco.
  • Excessive use of tea and coffee.
  • High concentration and stickiness of saliva.
  • Not using a toothbrush and flossing regularly.
  • Irregularity in the placement of teeth together.

Scaling with an ultrasonic device

Scaling with an ultrasonic device is one of the new treatment methods in dentistry. In this treatment, the piece that goes inside the tooth and is used for scaling is called a scaling pen. The pen works by using sound waves. With this method, dental plaque deposits are easily removed from the teeth.

Operation of the ultrasound machine

The operation of ultrasonic scaling devices is mechanical. Ultrasonic waves have energy. This energy creates vibrations in the teeth. The energy of ultrasonic vibrations loosens the deposits of mass stuck to the teeth. Finally, the plaque is easily removed from the tooth.

The mechanism of action

The mechanism of operation of ultrasound devices is as follows.

  • The ultrasonic pen creates a series of successive waves. These waves vibrate the pulp layer on the surface of the tooth. In the end, it shakes them.
  • They use high-pressure water flow. Finally, the loosened particles are easily removed and washed from the tooth surface.

Advantages of water flow in scaling

The stream of water is sprayed from the tip of the scaler on the surface of the teeth. As a result of this high-pressure stream, the layer of scale is loosened and removed from the surface of the teeth. Instead of running water, you can use antibacterial mouthwash.

The high-pressure stream of water does several important things:

  • Cooling the scale pen.
  • The particles stuck to the teeth should be removed well.
  • Washing and disinfecting teeth.


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