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Dental prophylaxis

Dental scaling is a process that removes plaque and hard deposits that have formed over time on the tooth and are attached to the tooth wall and gums. Plaques are sticky substances whose structure is the social result of microbes that stick to teeth and spread. If the mass remains on the tooth for a longer time, it provides more comfortable conditions for the growth of bacteria. In scaling, all plaques are cleaned from the depth of the periodontal pocket (gum pocket). In the following, we will tell you the positive effects of dental prophylaxis in the best dentistry in Canada.

What is prophylaxis?

In the process of cleaning the mouth and teeth, in addition to scaling, there is another method to prevent the occurrence of various gum diseases, which is called prophylaxis.

Dental scaling and prophylaxis is a preventive method in dentistry that helps to prevent infection and various oral diseases by manipulating the gum tissue.

Prophylaxis and gum cleaning benefits

  • Protecting the tooth and its coating by maintaining the gum structure
  • Prevention of infection and gum disease
  • The appearance of the gums, which includes being healthy and pink
  • Eliminate bad breath


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