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Correction of improper canine teeth in children

One of the biggest uses of orthodontics is to align teeth. Canine teeth can also be corrected with orthodontics. Orthodontics creates changes in the teeth that make a person’s face more beautiful. Also, the order of the teeth increases a person’s self-confidence. In this article, we are going to talk about correcting improper biting in children, so stay with us.

Correction of inappropriate canine teeth in children

One of the ways that can be used to correct the shape of a canine tooth is for the dentist to scrape some of the tooth enamel. Using a tooth sharpener, one or more teeth can be straightened or uneven. Correcting the shape of the teeth is often done along with the bonding method. In the bonding method, it is possible to correct the shape of the tooth with composite materials of the same color as the tooth. Tooth grinding is associated with problems that include:

  • The possibility of chapped lips or broken teeth
  • The fangs are sharpened too much with this method.
  • The shape of the tooth may be abnormal.

Advantages of canine teeth straightening

Correcting the shape of canine teeth has the following advantages:

Lower cost

The most important advantage of canine tooth correction is its low cost. This method involves a lower cost compared to other canine tooth correction methods. Also, if there is a defect in the tooth due to various reasons such as an accident or an accident, the insurance company will pay some of the cost.

Increase the health of teeth

By using tooth straightening, because plaque and tartar are removed from it, the possibility of tooth decay is reduced.

Not feeling pain

In the tooth-shaving method, because only a small area of the tooth is shaved, the patient will not feel any pain.

In general, it can be said that if your teeth need minor changes, it is better to use this method. But if your teeth have bigger problems, this method of treatment is not the answer. This treatment method is suitable for when the tip of the canine tooth is too sharp or slightly crooked. Of course, it should be noted that shaving teeth is not suitable for people whose teeth are unhealthy and decayed, or who have had nerve extractions, and they should choose another method.

Teeth grinding defects

Tooth grinding has disadvantages, which include:

Very few changes

By using the tooth-shaving method, only slight and small changes can be made in the teeth. The smile and shape of the patient’s teeth do not change much.

If you intend to make a fundamental change in your smile and the shape of your teeth, it is better to use other methods.

The possibility of tooth decay

When the tooth enamel is shaved, the tooth becomes slightly sensitive to hot and cold foods, and this makes the tooth decay sooner. If the doctor does not have enough experience and scrapes too much tooth enamel, the tooth may even break.

Care after correction of canine teeth

Once you have corrected the canine tooth, you must take good care of it because the possibility of breaking and chipping increases. These cares include:

  • Avoid biting very hard objects.
  • Never bite your nails.
  • Do not grind your teeth.
  • Smoking ban.
  • Avoid tea and coffee.

Embedded canine orthodontics

If your canine tooth is lying, be sure to consult an experienced dentist about this. Mostly at the age of 13, the upper canines are seen between the teeth. If the fangs have grown in the wrong place, they cause a lot of pressure on the roof of the mouth. Canines can also put too much pressure on the adjacent teeth. It also causes damage to them. In this case, you should use orthodontics. Orthodontics takes about two years.

Hidden canine problems

Hidden canines cause problems for a person. These problems include:

  • The formation of a cyst or tumor around the canine tooth
  • Damage to the teeth adjacent to the impacted tooth
  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Crooked teeth adjacent to the impacted tooth
  • The very bad effect of crooked canine teeth on a person’s beauty.

Care after orthodontics

When you have orthodontic treatment of your hidden canine, you must take care, which includes:

  • Avoid eating very hard foods.
  • Observe oral hygiene.
  • After surgery, be sure to use an ice pack to reduce swelling.
  • For a few days after the surgery, use only soft foods.
  • See your dentist in Hamilton for a re-examination up to two weeks after surgery.

What is the reason for the misalignment of canine teeth?

The most important and main reason for misalignment between teeth, especially canines, is that the jaw does not have enough space for teeth to grow. In fact, in small jaws, the teeth do not have enough space to grow.

Another reason that causes inconsistency in canine teeth is heredity. In some cases, the Asian teeth move forward, which causes there not enough space for the canine tooth to grow and the tooth does not grow in its place and it is towards the outside of the mouth or inside the mouth. It is the mouth. By using the orthodontic method, the canine teeth can be well coordinated with other teeth.



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