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Classification of patients

Years ago, Dr. House, one of the famous doctors in the field of dentistry, proposed a scientific classification of the mental conditions of patients. This classification of patients is one of the bases of treatment for doctors and their assistants in dealing with patients. In this article, we talk about this classification of patients.

Philosopher patients

  These patients are patients who are willing to accept the opinion of the dentist in Ottawa and doctor without question. They know that the dentist does the best possible job. In terms of mental conditions, they are ideal for successful treatment.

Neglected patients

  This group of patients pays little attention to their teeth and dental health. They do not value the dentist’s work. If there is no problem with their teeth, they pass it easily. More care should be taken in these patients. The dental nurse should explain to them the value of dentists’ work.

Complaining patients

This classification of patients talks about patients who complain about anything. They complain about their former dentist and are not satisfied. This is because the previous dentist did not obey their orders. Not knowing the patients who are picky eaters causes many problems during diagnosis. The strict control of these patients is necessary because if they are not controlled correctly, they can be a nuisance during treatments such as restoration and root canal treatment. Meanwhile, the role of a dentist nurse can be effective. Regarding these patients, we must know them in time and change their minds. In this case, it may be possible to help them against their will.

Skeptical patients

  This category of patients is those who got unfavorable results from previous treatments. Therefore, they doubt that anyone can help them and they are in bad health. These patients tried to be good patients. But now they seem incurable. Most of them have problems such as the loss of a spouse, financial issues, etc., which are not related to their oral condition. They think everything is against them and doubt that anyone can help them with their problems. In addition to treatment, these patients need kindness and sympathy. The time considered for these patients should be longer. In the diagnosis of referring patients, examining their mental states is of particular importance. The way of thinking of the patients is diagnosed by his reactions during the meetings. The patient’s expectations should be known in the office. What is more important in dentistry than in other cases is patient satisfaction with the treatment method. This issue leads to more cooperation.

The need to prepare patients

The research was conducted on two groups of these patients. In the first group, information is given about the disease and the diagnosis and treatment of its complications. No such information was given in the second group. The first group complains less about the pain after treatment. While the second group had more anxiety, which caused an increase in nervous pressure. This in turn hinders the healing process.

In addition, this group faced many problems in post-treatment care due to the lack of information about the use of drugs. We must know that the patient needs help. He looks for someone who can give him enough information about his problems so that such information is more accurate and real. The patient trusts more and the treatment process is carried out better.


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