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Choosing the color of the implant crown

Implants are one of the best ways to replace missing teeth. This method is the best option for many reasons, reasons such as high resistance, and the color of the crown of the tooth matching with other teeth, the durability of its coating.

In this article, we are going to provide you with explanations about the color of the implant crown and how to choose it.

The color of the implant cover

In general, teeth do not have a simple color. Tooth color includes several shades of color. If you look carefully at your teeth in front of the mirror, you will see different color spectrums. On the edges of the teeth, the color is usually whiter and brighter, on the lower parts of the teeth and as we get closer to the gums, the colors become more opaque. Therefore, different color shades should be used to choose the color of the dental veneer.

Conditions for choosing the color of the implant cover

One of the most important features of an implant crown is its color. In addition to its effect on oral and dental health, implants also affect the beauty of a person’s appearance. One of the most important factors for the beautiful color of the implant cover. This color should not be different from the natural teeth on the side.

Choosing the best color shade for the color of the implant crown

The crown of the implant must be the same color as the other teeth. The implant crown should have a completely natural appearance. Hair color, skin color, eye color, and the color of the side teeth are the most important factors to be considered for choosing the crown color and its color shades.

When many people want implants, they like the color of the implants to be white and shiny, usually similar to the teeth of Hollywood actors. Usually, dentists advise patients who want implants before implantation. One of these recommendations is to whiten natural teeth. After whitening the teeth, they choose the color of the implant crown. In this way, the color of the crown of the tooth becomes the same as the other teeth. And to a large extent, the desired color is chosen by the patient. If the bleaching is not done before choosing the color for the coating, then it will be a problem. Teeth whitening methods only affect natural teeth and do not affect dentures.

To choose the color of the implant cover, the dentist uses a graph. There are different color shades in this graphic. By placing each shade in the desired place, the dentist finds the right color and matches it with other factors.

Factors affecting the implant crown

The complete observance of oral and dental hygiene has a significant impact on the lifetime of veneers. Regular brushing, flossing, and cleaning teeth and artificial crown are among these factors. Also, eating some foods, such as continuous consumption of colored drinks such as coffee, tea, and other foods, changes the color of natural teeth. When the color of the other teeth changes, the color mismatch of the dentures appears and other problems arise again.

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