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Changing the shape of the lips after orthodontics

Some people have crooked and uneven teeth or have one of the situations of forward or backward jaws. The best method of treatment to correct these problems is orthodontic teeth. Orthodontics is one of the beauty treatments that cause changes in the face. One of these changes is changing the shape of the lips. This issue is one of the reasons that make many people hesitate to do this treatment.

Facial changes after orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment has effects on the shape of the face and teeth. When the position of the teeth or the jaw changes, the rest of the face may also change. If your orthodontic treatment is done properly, you will see changes in your face. Changes such as a beautiful smile, changing the shape of the lips, and making the face more attractive can also be mentioned.

Changing the shape of the lips after orthodontics

As mentioned above, orthodontic treatment can cause changes in the face by changing the shape of the teeth. Teeth and jaws are connected. Changes in the jaws can affect other parts of the face.

The cause of lip shape change after orthodontics

You may say that the change in the jaw and teeth has anything to do with the lips. The teeth and lips are connected through a maxillary groove. During orthodontic treatment, braces apply pressure to the teeth. As a result of this pressure, the teeth are arranged and usually, the front teeth are pulled back. As the teeth recede, the groove between the teeth and gums is pulled back. Finally, the gums are pulled back and covered by the teeth. After the end of the treatment period, this change in the position of the lips causes the shape of the lips to change after orthodontics.

Prevention of changing the shape of the lips

Some people are satisfied with the shape of their lips. These people do not want to change the shape of their lips. If these people need orthodontic treatment, they should talk to their dentist in Windsor about not wanting to change their lips. The doctor can provide different ways for this problem. One of these ways is to use elastic bands on braces.

For this purpose, the orthodontist uses special bands on the braces and with the help of the bands, he prevents the lip from moving too much and changing its shape. In some cases, invisible braces may also be used, so that the shape of the lips does not change during orthodontics.

Examining lip shape changes after orthodontics

It was said that the shape of the lips changes after orthodontic treatment. In the long term, orthodontics can have other effects besides changing the shape of the lips on your entire face. Because when your teeth and jaw change, other features of your face and appearance will also change accordingly. In general, in addition to creating a coherent and beautiful structure for your smile, orthodontics can also be effective in changing the shape of the lips.

Orthodontics and correction of unbalanced smile

Orthodontics can help to correct the smile design. Suffering from various abnormalities in the mouth and jaw causes crooked lips when smiling. In this case, the orthodontic specialist improves the condition of the teeth by correcting these problems in the teeth and jaws with the help of palate expanders, brackets, and other special orthodontic devices. In addition to improving the position of the teeth, it improves the position of the jaws and lips and creates balance in the lips.


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