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Causes of swollen gums in Babies

Babies have swollen gums for different reasons. One of the reasons for swollen gums is fever. Babies often have a fever for specific and unknown reasons, and this rise in body temperature will have consequences such as swelling in the gums. Another cause of gum swelling is teeth growth. But all the causes of gum swelling in babies can be investigated and treated. In this specialized dental article, we will be with you by collecting information in this regard.

What is gum swelling?

The gum is a soft tissue inside the mouth. This soft tissue is normally pink in color. Due to the blood vessels inside it, this tissue has coherence and uniformity in color. If gum swelling occurs, its texture and color will change. Its color can change to red.

Causes of swollen gums in Babies

Many factors will cause this complication. But we will examine the most important and common ones below.

Teeth growth

The growth of teeth in babies occurs after six months. But this age does not apply to all babies. But it is very variable for some. Then twenty teeth grow in the child’s mouth until thirty months. These teeth are known as milk teeth. Teething is often associated with symptoms. These symptoms include drooling, severe and mild fevers, anorexia, insomnia, and itchy gums. In this case, the child will try to scratch the gums by entering foreign objects into the mouth. In addition, fever is one of the reasons for swelling of the gums. Scratching it with foreign objects will also increase its swelling.

Inflammation of the gums

When the teeth begin to grow, the gums begin to split. This causes swelling in the gums. Because the wounds created in the soft tissue of the gums affect the surrounding area. Because of this, the gums become very itchy. This issue increases the inflammation of the gums and increases the redness in the gums.


Impact and damage to teeth and gums are known as trauma. Trauma is another cause of gum swelling.

Are swollen gums dangerous in babies?

If gum swelling in babies is due to the growth of teeth or one of the reasons mentioned, there is no need to worry. All the mentioned cases have treatment. These symptoms are very normal and will happen to all babies.

But on the other hand, there are some cases where you should see a pediatric dentist in Mississauga immediately. If the swelling of the baby’s gums is accompanied by the growth of white seeds or an accumulation of these seeds, there will be a possibility of having a cyst.

If the change in the color of the gums is caused by swelling of the gums with a purple or blue color, it is very serious. This issue occurs due to the accumulation of blood in an area. This complication is also called a vegetative hematoma.

If you see one of the above cases in your baby, you can prevent it from progressing by visiting a pediatric dentist early. In this case, all the mentioned complications have treatment methods. But continuing this process and not treating it will have serious consequences.

Duration of gingival swelling in infants

Often this complication is due to the growth of milk teeth. For this reason, all its symptoms end with the teeth coming out and seeing their whiteness. In very rare cases, such swellings will continue for a longer time. In this case, the pediatric dentist will take measures to calm the baby down.

Method of Treatment of gingival swelling in Newborns

Maintaining oral and dental hygiene is one of the most important factors in the treatment of various dental complications. For babies, this is the responsibility of the parents. This is very important to prevent gum infections caused by its swelling.

Cleaning the baby’s gums with sterile gas is very necessary to prevent other consequences.

After the eruption of the first teeth, it is necessary to observe their hygiene. Brushing is also recommended for small teeth. But this brushing should be done without toothpaste.

Dos and don’ts when developing gingival swelling in babies

At this time, the best way is to see a dentist. In any case, with his confirmation, his parents will know whether the symptoms were normal or not.

The points recommended in the above lines are part of the must.

But one of the most important don’ts is the use of anesthetic gels. Some parents try to treat the pain in the baby by applying existing anesthetics. But these gels are very dangerous for children.

It is not permissible to use any oral medicine for babies in this situation.

Using lidocaine is also very dangerous. These medicinal substances are swallowed due to the lack of consciousness of the child.

Eating the right foods in case of gum swelling in babies

Obviously, in this case, children will be more comfortable with soft foods. In addition, the growth of teeth will require vitamins in the body. For this reason, the supply of those vitamins is very important for the continuation of the baby’s metabolism. By consuming soft and lukewarm foods, the gums will not be irritated and the baby’s pain will not increase. But in this case, avoid eating hard foods. These types of foods will double the swelling by putting pressure on the gums.



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