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Causes of itchy gums

Itchy gums are one of the most common oral problems. Due to its soft and sensitive tissue, the gums are more susceptible to damage than other areas of the mouth. Also, the health of the gums is very effective in maintaining the beauty and longevity of the teeth. In the following, explanations will be provided in this regard.

What are the causes of itchy gums?

Itchy gums in children are often due to growing teeth. This factor is almost the same for all children. But in adults, itchy gums are one of the following reasons.

Dental plaques

Plaques are the accumulation of bacteria resulting from many factors. These plaques are placed on the teeth due to a lack of hygiene. The adhesion of these plaques is such that they are not removed by brushing after they are formed. Smoking is one of the most important factors in the formation of dental plaques. This complication will cause rapid growth of bacteria between teeth and gums. In addition to the negative effect on beauty, this factor threatens the health of teeth and gums. Sometimes dental plaque causes bleeding and sensitivity. Finally, it leads to itching of the gums, and if it is not treated, it damages the gums.


Gingivitis is a gum disease. One of the causes of this disease is the severe accumulation of dental plaque.

The occurrence of allergies

Due to the occurrence of some allergies such as sensitivity to different foods, itchy gums occur. These sensitivities are also caused by drugs.

Gum damage

Different factors are effective in gum damage. Physical encounters during exercise are one of these factors. Also, teeth grinding puts pressure on the gums in addition to damaging the tooth enamel. These factors all lead to itchy gums. To prevent these injuries, using a mouth guard is very effective.

Hormonal changes

During menstruation, women experience many pains and problems due to hormonal changes. Itchy gums are one of these cases.

Improper dental treatments

If non-sterilized tools are used by dentists, the possibility of gum itch and infection is very high. Also, if a tooth is missing, it should be replaced immediately. Alternative methods such as implants and bridges will solve gum itches.

Dry mouth

Sufficient moisture in the mouth is an effective factor in its health. If this humidity is lower than normal, the mouth will be dry. Oral saliva regulates this moisture. If this humidity is not adjusted, itchy gums will occur. Drinking enough water also helps regulate this moisture.

Tooth abscess

A tooth abscess is a painful disease. Infections caused by the accumulation of bacteria can cause tooth abscesses. Although this disease is associated with severe and long pains. But sometimes the first symptoms are itchy gums.

Burning mouth syndrome

This syndrome is more likely to occur in people who use dentures. This syndrome causes itching of the gums and will require treatment.

Growth of wisdom teeth

As the wisdom teeth begin to grow, itchy gums are very likely. These itches are often at the ends of the teeth.


When the gums become itchy, the first possibility is gum disease. This disease is called gingivitis. This disease is caused by dental plaque. But this disease is mild.

Treating itchy gums

To treat itchy gums, first of all, it is important to know about its cause. Some itchy gums require examination and treatment by a dentist. But in general, some drugs are used to treat it. The use of these drugs is permissible with the prescription of a dentist in Mississauga.


This medicine is used to treat itching caused by allergies. This is an anti-allergic drug and if the cause of gum itching is diagnosed, its use is safe.

Dental scaling

As mentioned earlier, dental plaques cannot be removed with a toothbrush. Therefore, by scaling the teeth and removing the plaques, the itching of the gums will be treated.

Route planning

This is a method to remove dental tartar. This is a thick type of dental plaque. Removing these tartars cures itchy gums.

What is the most important cause of itchy gums and how to deal with it?

As you have noticed so far, dental plaques were the most important cause of gum itches. Because many diseases and oral health problems are caused by the accumulation of plaques. These dental plaques increase with the consumption of drinks such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks. To prevent this, it is necessary to brush and floss after every food item.

Dental plaques can absorb food particles due to their high adhesion. This factor increases them. That is, if you see the first dental plaques, treat it. Failure to treat early also adds particles and dust in the air to the plaques. The accumulation and long-term settlement of these plaques on the tooth threatens its enamel. By removing the tooth enamel, the treatment steps will be more extensive.

Also, dental plaques are increased by continuous smoking. The tar in cigarettes sticks to the teeth due to its high adhesion. If there was a plaque before that, tar particles will also be added to it. These particles with very high adhesion will not be removed by brushing and flossing. They can be removed only by scaling and dental measures.

According to the explanations given, a high percentage of gum itching factors were related to dental plaques. Therefore, by following the mentioned points, avoid the resulting treatments.


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