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Care of composite restorations

Composite is a combination of an acrylic resin and soft glass-like particles. In composite restoration, a smaller amount of tooth structure is removed during tooth grinding, and this leads to a smaller restoration than amalgam. Composites are attached to the tooth structure with adhesive materials, and the dentist can perform a more conservative restoration.

If the restoration of your tooth is deep, there is a possibility of pain within 8 weeks. If the course of the pain is downward, the pain will improve over time and this pain can be controlled with painkillers

But if the course of your pain is increasing, you should see a dentist in Richmond Hill and have your tooth denervated. This pain is in the form of sensitivity to cold and shock and especially heat

But it is necessary to avoid the following:

  • During composite restoration, avoid eating pigmented substances for 2 to 4 hours and if possible for the first 1 to 2 days, or be sure to use a toothbrush after consumption (due to the color change of the composite).
  • Chewing ice and hard objects
  • Putting too much pressure on the teeth


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