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Care after dental scaling, possible complications after that

After dental scaling (dental scaling), you need special care to protect the health of your mouth and teeth and to maintain the scaling results. Also, some more or less common side effects may occur after massaging that require attention. The following will discuss care after massaging and examination of common complications after this process.

Care after teeth scaling

  • Proper nutrition: after scaling the teeth, it is better to use soft and mild foods so as not to bother your newly cleaned teeth too much.
  • Mouthwash: Use mild, non-alcoholic mouthwashes and avoid strong mouthwashes that may damage the freshly scaled teeth.
  • Washing and brushing carefully: use soft and gentle toothbrushes so as not to damage the teeth.
  • Oral coolers: If you feel pain or swelling after scaling, you can use a cooler for relief.

Common complications after dental scaling

  • Dental sensitivity: Your teeth may show sensitivity to cold or heat after scaling. This sensitivity is usually temporary and decreases over time.
  • Bleeding gums: After scaling the teeth, the gums may bleed a little. This bleeding usually stops on its own. If the bleeding is hefty or continues, see a doctor.
  • Swelling: In some cases, swelling may occur in the gums or around the impacted teeth. This swelling usually resolves within a few days.
  • Inflammation: If proper oral care is not done, peripheral inflammations of the teeth and gums may occur. This problem can be controlled with the use of medicines and proper care.

If you experience severe symptoms or complications after tooth scaling or have other problems, it is better to visit a dentist in Richmond Hill to get an accurate diagnosis of the problem and the necessary treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours should we eat after dental scaling?

After massaging, it is better to wait at least 2 hours before eating. This allows the teeth and gums to heal and the possibility of irritation and scratching is reduced.

  • Why does the tooth turn yellow after scaling?

After scaling, the teeth may absorb colored substances such as coffee, tea, and other similar substances and become yellow due to high sensitivity to cold and heat. It is temporary to some extent and can be improved by maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding the consumption of colored substances.

  • What foods should we eat after weight loss?

After scaling, it is better to eat soft and mild foods such as soups, purees, yogurt, and cooked foods such as fish and chicken. Avoid consuming sticky and sticky substances such as sweets and edible sweet substances so as not to damage the teeth.


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