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Care after amalgam restoration (dissimilar colored materials)

In amalgam restorations, the dentist may remove more of the tooth structure than other restorative materials so that the amalgam matches the tooth perfectly. As you know, every treatment needs some care. Be with us so that we can tell you some tips about “care after amalgam restoration”.

  Disadvantages of amalgam:

The short-term sensitivity of the tooth to cold and heat after tooth restoration, the silver color of the restoration, and the obviousness of the restoration when laughing, of course, do not take into account that amalgam is used for back teeth, so it does not affect your smile.

  • Avoid chewing and putting pressure on your teeth for 2 hours and you are only allowed to drink liquids. After two hours, you may feel that the level of the newly restored tooth is different from your other teeth. In this case, avoid applying too much pressure because it will break the tooth wall and you may have to cover your tooth.
  • After a few hours, you can correct your teeth.
  • If you ignore the cases, there is a possibility of breaking or collapsing the restorative material and you have to try to repair your tooth again.
  • After the restoration by amalgam, due to the injection of anesthetic and the possibility of closing the patient’s mouth by mistake and misleading the relevant doctor to the feeling of false heights from the patient, it is better not to take any action to remove the heights in the same first session and The next step is for the doctor to correct the height based on the patient’s opinion
  • If the filling is empty and falls out, immediately go to the clinic to be treated again and prevent the tooth walls from breaking.
  • There is no obstacle to using a toothbrush, but do not use dental floss for 24 hours.
  • The presence of pain and sensitivity to cold and heat is completely normal and will disappear after a few days.

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