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Bleaching teeth by home method

Teeth bleaching is a branch of cosmetic dentistry, during which tooth discolouration and dark spots on the teeth that have developed over time are removed with a special bleaching agent. Various factors may affect teeth discoloration. Age, genetics, use of colored food, smoking and chemical drugs, etc.
One of the most important factors in the face is the beauty of the smile. You can whiten and shine your teeth with bleaching treatment.

Teeth whitening treatment methods

Teeth bleaching treatment is done in two ways: office bleaching and home bleaching. In both tooth bleaching methods, a substance called hydrogen peroxide is placed on the teeth and as soon as the light shines on the substance, it becomes active and causes the dark spots on the teeth to disappear and the teeth to whiten. The difference between bleaching office and bleaching home methods is in the type of substance used and its concentration. In bleaching office, the concentration of substances is stronger and the substance works faster, while in bleaching home, it takes a week to reach a conclusion.

How is teeth whitening with home bleaching method?

  • At first, the person goes to the dentist and after scaling the teeth and polishing the teeth, a mold is made from both jaws.
  • After the molding operation, a special tray is delivered to the person, which is a soft and transparent plastic mold of his teeth, along with bleaching material and necessary training.
  • The duration of home bleaching treatment is 2 weeks on average, and in each period, a person should put the bleaching mold on his teeth for 4 to 6 hours.
  • If the person is not allergic, he can use his teeth bleaching mold twice a day.
  • Each time, only one mouthpiece is placed in the mouth and the use of the teeth is alternating.
  • If an excess amount of substance comes out of the tray while putting it in the mouth, be sure to wipe the excess substance with a tissue so that it does not come into contact with the gums.
  • It is recommended to brush your teeth after removing the tray from the mouth to wash the remaining amount completely.
  • During the bleaching treatment, avoid consuming colored or acidic foods such as coffee, tea, citrus fruits, tomato paste, and cigarettes, or wash your mouth immediately after use.
  • One week after the treatment, visit a dentist in Canada for a check-up.

Important point for bleaching treatment and teeth whitening

In the teeth bleaching treatment method and to whiten the teeth, be sure to treat the decayed teeth so that problems such as extreme sensitivity of the teeth do not occur during the bleaching procedure. Dental veneers, restorations and dental laminations do not become brighter with bleaching treatment.


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