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Black spots on the teeth after taking iron drops

Iron deficiency is one of the things that reduces the mental, physical, and behavioral functions of children. Therefore, iron drops are used for children who suffer from iron deficiency. One of the common side effects of using these drops is the formation of black spots on the teeth.

Does taking iron drops cause black spots on children’s teeth?

Children are not able to use iron tablets to solve iron deficiency in their bodies. For this reason, iron drops are used. These drops often cause stains on the teeth or a dark line along the children’s teeth.

These spots usually appear immediately after starting to take the supplement. Of course, these spots may form on the child’s teeth over time. Some parents equate these stains with dental plaque. This is a completely wrong thinking.

Prevention of black spots on teeth


One of the best ways to prevent such stains is to dilute the iron drop.

Use of iron absorption supplement

To increase the absorption of iron in children, it is better to use supplements such as vitamin C. One of the useful sources of vitamin C that you can use to dilute iron drops is orange juice.

No use of absorption inhibitor

Another point that you should not forget is that you should not use substances that interfere with the absorption of iron in the child’s body. Dairy products and milk are materials that interfere with iron absorption.

Use of straw

Another way to prevent black spots on the teeth is to use straw glasses for children. By using a straw, the contact of the iron drop with the teeth is greatly reduced.


To provide children with the iron they need, include foods such as red meat, and iron-enriched foods, as well as fruits and vegetables rich in iron and vitamin C in their diet during this period.

Treatment of black teeth caused by iron drops

The best way to prevent black spots on a child’s teeth is a toothbrush. Brushing your teeth after taking iron drops reduces the discoloration of the teeth. Another solution that some dentists in Mississauga offer for this treatment is the use of baking soda. Usually, children do not want to do this because of the unpleasant taste of baking soda. To do this, it is better to use a wet cloth dipped in baking soda. Of course, some sources strictly prohibit parents from using this method. In these sources, it is said that the disadvantages of using baking soda are much more than its advantages.

If the change in the color of the child’s teeth has caused you to worry, you can visit the dentist. Use the right treatment for teeth whitening.

The stains on the teeth have different causes. Among these causes, we can mention the consumption of fruit juices, medicines, and colored foods. If you are very worried about black spots on your teeth, know two things. First, these stains disappear with time. The second point of this article is that after some time the baby teeth give way to permanent teeth. Considering these two points, you should know that if your child has iron deficiency. Never prevent your child from taking iron drops for fear of black teeth.


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