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Benefits, advantages and how to use an orthodontic pacifier

Without a doubt, the most popular and understandable device that can soothe any baby while crying is the pacifier. Children are very fond of pacifiers and cry less despite it. Moreover, it is a very good and simple pastime for them.

When a baby or young child is still not aware of the secret of sucking fingers and other objects, the only available option that he can use when he needs to suck the mother’s breast is definitely a pacifier.

Breastfeeding is beneficial in any case. And it can’t cause a problem for the baby, but improper sucking of the pacifier or other things can be harmful. Therefore, parents should teach their children how to properly use this small and lovely device. And be informed of all its advantages and disadvantages.

What is an orthodontic teat and what are its features?

Earlier, old and simple pacifiers were used only to entertain and calm the baby. But today, the companies that produce orthodontic dental devices have designed a type of orthodontic teat to help prevent problems related to children’s jaws and teeth. They hit the structures of the jaw, mouth and teeth. If you look at them carefully, you will notice that they have a structure similar to a mother’s nipple.

When a baby sucks on these pacifiers, extra pressure is effectively removed from the growing baby’s gums and teeth.

Many studies have been conducted on the use of these nipples. One of these studies shows that children who use orthodontic pacifiers face malocclusion problems such as open bite and overbite less than other children.

Pros of using orthodontic teats

The use of this small device leads to the following:

  • It seems that children who use this small orthodontic device are less likely to face the problem of sudden death syndrome.
  • It helps to improve and reduce the symptoms of reflux in babies and their digestive problems.
  • More weight gain in babies who have problems gaining weight in the beginning of life.
  • They calm children more than old pacifiers.
  • The materials used in them are not harmful to babies
  • If you have to travel by plane, using an orthodontic nipple is a more suitable option

The negative aspects of using orthodontic teats

If you give your baby an orthodontic pacifier at the right age, problems will arise for the mother. Normally, the baby needs to feed on the mother’s breast for a certain period of time, in order to master eating milk and sucking. But if you give him a pacifier before the due date, he will have problems in grabbing the mother’s breast, which has consequences for the mother:

  • Painful nipples
  • Rushing the baby to eat milk
  • Probably blockage of the milk ducts
  • mastitis
  • Possible disturbance in the supply cycle of breast milk in the breast. When the baby sucks on the mother’s breast, the process of milk production increases according to the brain. If the baby sucks less because of the orthodontic pacifier, the milk supply will also decrease.
  • Reduction of infection in both ears
  • Early weaning of the baby (the baby should be breastfed for a full period). But sucking this pacifier can reduce the process of breastfeeding
  • Disruption of breastfeeding hours and habits of the baby
  • Creating excessive dependence on pacifiers by children

How to manage orthodontic pacifier sucking by a child?

Before you want to buy one of these small devices for your child, be sure to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • Respect your child’s decision and wishes. If he does not cope with the pacifier and is not interested in sucking it, do not force the pacifier in his mouth.
  • Do not give him a pacifier when he is hungry. Feed him then give him a pacifier when he is full.
  • Give him a pacifier only when the baby needs to calm down and calms down by sucking.

When should the orthodontic pacifier be taken from the child?

Usually, taking this device from a child can be difficult and difficult just like taking them from milk. If the child cooperates with you and you stop in time, you will be very lucky because you will not have to go to extra trouble.

But if he doesn’t like the pacifier, you have to try to stop him from sucking it. Normally, at the same time as weaning, it is better to gradually remove the pacifier from the child.

Getting a pacifier from a baby can be really difficult. But you are a mother and you know your child better than anyone. I don’t think it will last more than a week for him and you to get annoyed!

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