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Beautification of teeth using composite

Among the activities that are done today to beautify teeth and maintain their health is dental laminating, which is done in the form of ceramic laminating and composite laminating.

It is a common misconception that the term composite is used instead of composite laminate or composite veneer.

In the following articles, we will talk in detail about ceramic laminate. Here we are going to look at the properties of composite veneers and compare the two.

The difference between composite laminate and ceramic laminate

Laminate is actually a coating that is placed on the teeth to make them more beautiful and help preserve them, and one of the main differences between composite and ceramic laminates is the difference in the materials used to create the coating.

Composite veneers, like other common coatings used on teeth, are mostly applied to the front and front teeth and help to change the appearance of the teeth, especially their color. Among the problems that can be solved with the help of composite are removing the yellowing of the teeth and repairing the teeth that have fractures, cracks or superficial caries. Many defects of teeth, such as their shortness, can be solved with the help of composite. Because the composite material has a color close to natural teeth, it can also replace amalgam, the same material that is commonly used to fill teeth.

In terms of economics

Due to the impact of economic issues on many people’s decisions, composite laminate may be more suitable for dental patients; Those clients, who are looking for an affordable solution to maintain the durability of their teeth, attractive face and smile.

Composite veneer is a better offer for people who want to spend less budget and time and also seek a result similar to ceramic laminate.

In terms of time

Comparing the time of these two laminates, it should be noted that composite veneers can be completed in one day under the supervision of an experienced dentist in Canada, but as we will say in other articles, ceramic laminates require a longer time; Because it requires molding mainly in the laboratory and outside the dentistry. Of course, there are clinics that perform molding and construction in the same place, but still, this requires repeated visits of applicants, and temporary coverage is used during these visits; By choosing composite laminate, you save time and money and do not need temporary coverage. Also in composite laminate, the coating or laminate usually does not need to be machined and is placed by the dentist on the outer surface of the tooth.

Important items in composite veneers

Since you, dear client, in addition to physical beauty, care about maintaining the health and naturalness of your teeth, it is necessary to mention a few points:


In choosing the composite color of your teeth, in addition to the need to consult an experienced dentist, you should pay attention to choosing a color that suits your face and skin color; This way you will have a more satisfactory result and you have not chosen a much whiter color than your teeth.

Condition of teeth

Composite is one of the best choices if you have cracked teeth or your teeth have broken for various reasons.

Comparison with orthodontics, implants and laminating

Composite is a type of veneer that can have a higher economic cost than orthodontics, tooth implants and laminates, unless there is a severe problem in the order between the teeth and the gap between them, but the decision in this regard should be left to the dentist. Someone who has years of experience can suggest the best solution depending on the condition of the client’s mouth and teeth.

Factors affecting the durability of composite veneers

  • If the composite volunteer pays the necessary attention to the health and care of his mouth and teeth according to the principles announced by the dentist, the lifespan of the composite will increase.
  • Composite type used
  • Tooth material
  • The client’s eating habits (generally the same things that keep the mouth and teeth healthy in general, such as not breaking any hard object with the teeth, not using sugar and sweets frequently, etc.)

Adherence to the above and other dental recommendations can increase the life of composite veneers between 5 to 8 years, which, although shorter than ceramic laminate, has two advantages:

  1. It has a lower cost of repairing or replacing it
  2. Less damage is done to the teeth during restoration or replacement

Method of execution of composite veneer

You may be curious to know what happens to your teeth in the composite method and what is the result of this attractive and satisfying result. In this method, the composite material is made into a paste and placed on the damaged part and fixed on the tooth with the help of light waves.


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