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At what age does children’s teeth loosen and what is its cause?

One of the problems and challenges of children’s mothers and fathers that involve them is the loosening of their milk teeth. Even though children’s teeth are loose, it is a natural and inevitable thing, but still emotional and worried parents like to have comprehensive and complete information about the process.

Therefore, in order to reduce the stress of parents and help them pass this time more easily, we decided to write an article about this topic and thoroughly examine all its aspects. If you have children who are about to lose milk teeth, reading this article will be useful for you.

The time of milk teeth loosening

When the roots of permanent teeth begin to grow and the time for their growth in the mouth approaches, the roots of milk teeth begin to decay so that there is enough space for the growth of permanent and new teeth.

In this process, with the decay of the roots of the milk teeth, the teeth become loose until most of the volume of the previous root is lost and the so-called milk tooth falls out. This process usually starts from the age of 6 years and continues until the age of 12.

But this timing is not the same for all children. The exact time of falling milk teeth is different for each child and cannot be determined. This depends on various factors and some people may even experience the loss of milk teeth in adulthood.

It means that their milk teeth do not fall out in their childhood and they have milk teeth in their mouths until adulthood. Of course, loose baby teeth in adulthood is not something that is very common and most people experience it.

Usually, people who have problems with their mouth and teeth may be involved in this situation, and in that case it is better to visit a dentist.

Of course, loose teeth in adulthood may also be a sign of advanced oral and dental diseases, and you should consult a dentist as soon as possible to find the source and type of the disease and treat it.

Even in some cases, it has been observed that a 5-year-old child’s tooth is loose or a baby tooth is loose at the age of 4. However, it is impossible to estimate the time of baby teeth loosening and falling out in children.

So there is no need to worry about this issue, but in general if you feel that there is something abnormal about your baby tooth falling and loose, you can consult a pediatric dentist.

How to remove a loose tooth without pain?

When there is a loose tooth in the mouth, it becomes difficult to eat and chew food, and the resulting pain makes the child confused and excuses. It is even possible that your child will suffer from heartache and other side effects due to not chewing properly.

In addition to the mentioned cases, children are weak and curious and like to remove the loose tooth as soon as possible. The problem is that a loose tooth is painful and inflamed, and it is painful for children to touch it.

Therefore, if you, as a parent, know how to pull a loose milk tooth without pain, you can help your child. The points that you should pay attention to when pulling milk teeth are:

First, wash your hands well

Before doing anything, you should wash and disinfect your hands well so as not to make your child sick. A loose tooth and the environment around it are highly susceptible to disease, so be sure to follow the hygiene tips to avoid any problems.

Shake the tooth

First, shake the loose tooth a little to measure its looseness and ask your child about its pain.

A tooth that is loose enough is connected to the gum by thin tissues and strings and should not usually be painful. If your child feels pain, it means that his tooth is not loosened enough and it is not yet time for his tooth to fall out.

Pull the loose tooth suddenly

If the tooth is loose enough, you can remove it painlessly by distracting your child with a gentle pressure or twisting the tooth.

Usually, the loose tooth should eventually fall out within a week to ten days. If after this period the baby tooth still hasn’t fallen out and the main tooth is still growing, it is better to make an online dental visit.

Note that if you pull a tooth that is still hard and not loosened enough, it will probably cause a lot of bleeding and pain for your baby. So it is better not to do such a thing.

Loose teeth due to other factors

A milk or permanent tooth may become loose due to an impact. If a milk tooth is loosened due to an impact, in most cases it does not have any special consequences and does not cause any problems. Only the child experiences a longer period of time for the eruption of his permanent teeth than other children.

But permanent tooth loosening due to impact is a bit more dangerous and worrying. If there has been an impact on your tooth, it is possible that the impact will tear, stretch or loosen the dental ligament (the organ that keeps the tooth firmly in place).

In such a situation, you feel loose and loose in your teeth. If such a situation happens to you, try to call your dentist as soon as possible or use the online dental visit service.

Treatment methods for tooth loosening due to impact

  • As much as possible, avoid touching, talking and shaking the affected tooth.
  • Try not to chew hard food with your teeth.
  • Try to see a dentist as soon as possible. If you go to the doctor early, there is a possibility of complete treatment of your tooth, but the more time passes, the chance of treatment decreases.
  • If necessary, aggressive treatments should be performed on your tooth to repair the loose tooth.

When is a loose tooth dangerous and should we see a doctor?

If the loosening is related to your child’s milk teeth, there is almost no need to see a doctor and it is better to let the natural process take place.

If your child gets involved in this issue much earlier or much later than the average age of his peers and family when his baby teeth loosen and fall out, it is better to go to the dentist for your peace of mind.

If your child’s permanent tooth is loose, I recommend that you visit the relevant doctor to find out the cause of the child’s permanent tooth being loose.

Finally, if your permanent teeth or those around you become loose for any reason, especially impact, you should definitely visit a dentist.


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