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Advantages of dental laser surgery

Laser dentistry is used in many surgeries and treatment of various dental diseases. Laser dentistry is recommended in children’s dentistry who are afraid or anxious during dental treatment.

These equipments convert light energy into a focused and narrow beam. After the laser light hits the tissue, it releases a reaction and with this the tissue can be formed or destroyed.

Dentists use soft or hard tissue lasers, which choice depends on the type of treatment. In some cases, specialist dentists may use soft and hard tissue lasers due to cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Advantages of using dental laser

Hard tissue lasers help to cut the tooth structure and also the combination of a special mineral substance in the teeth and water helps to absorb the wavelength of hard tissue lasers. These lasers help in shaping or preparing the tooth for composite bonding, removing a certain structure of the tooth, or repairing the worn layers of the tooth.

There are many benefits in laser dentistry, most of which show themselves in treatment. Some of the advantages of dental laser surgery are:

  • Increased accuracy: Lasers are much more accurate compared to traditional dental tools. This helps the dentist to perform certain procedures in a more precise manner. For example, an expert dentist can use a laser to extract decayed tooth enamel, thus preserving most of the natural tooth.
  • Less pain: Laser surgery does not use heat, pressure or vibration on the teeth. This means that there is less swelling and there is no need for anesthesia and the use of medicine after the operation.
  • Non-infection: unlike metal dental tools, lasers produce radiation and sterilize any object that comes in contact with it. This means that the risk of bacteria entering the patient’s mouth is greatly reduced. With laser dentistry, one does not have to worry about being sterile and transmitting diseases.
  • Less Bleeding: Bleeding in some areas of the mouth while the dentist is working on your mouth and teeth is normal. With the use of a laser, high-energy rays are emitted that help blood clot and thus cause less bleeding in the patient.
  • Variety of treatment: laser surgery is used in many dental treatments, and using laser is the best option.

Apart from habits such as regular tooth brushing, finding a qualified dental professional in Canada is very important for proper dental care.


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