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Advanced methods of painless tooth extraction

When your dentists in Canada recommend painless tooth extraction, know that this is the best thing to do. Dentists apparently recommend tooth extraction as a last resort. Extraction of the tooth at the right time preserves the tooth, even if the tooth is broken or most of its structure is damaged. So, when do dentists consider tooth extraction important or necessary?

The main reasons for the necessity of tooth extraction

The following are common reasons why dentists recommend that a patient’s tooth be extracted at the right time:

Severe tooth infection

Severe infection is the most common reason that a dentist recommends painless tooth extraction. Caries can still occur if dentists prevent tooth decay and spread during initial dental visits.

Without good oral hygiene, teeth and gums produce pathogenic bacteria. This leads to tooth damage and the risk of spreading the infection. Bacteria grow easily, especially in the back of the mouth. This is a safe contact to pull wisdom teeth.

Dental orthodontics

Traditional braces are a popular orthodontic treatment for tooth misalignment. However, if the teeth are crowded or naturally large, it is more difficult to move the teeth. To make treatment easier and faster, dentists must remove one or more of them.

Extra teeth grow

Extra teeth protrude from the gums even though there is no room for them, which can lead to hyperdonia or the appearance of more teeth in the current set of teeth. Many dental problems are caused by this disease, which is why dentists must remove unnecessary items from patients’s mouth very quickly.

Pull tooth

If the condition of a broken tooth is so bad that no fillings or bandages can remove it, dentists may recommend painless tooth extraction.

Tooth beauty goals

Sometimes a person’s teeth are so badly shaped that they affect his or her appearance. While there are options for restorative dentistry, if these options do not work, your dentist may suggest removing these deformed teeth and potentially replacing them in the future with dental implants.

The wisdom teeth are hidden

When a wisdom tooth can not come out for various reasons, it should not stay in place. In addition, impacted wisdom teeth only cause inflammation, infection and, of course, unbearable pain. This time, the dentist must extract wisdom teeth to prevent the pain from getting worse.

Cheaper and easier treatment

Although the dentist may be able to treat the damaged tooth in other ways, patients prefer tooth extraction because other dental procedures are more complex in terms of time and surgery and will definitely cost the patient more.

Tooth extraction without pain

Some people may be afraid to pull their teeth because they are worried about any pain associated with it. But today, dentists have access to advanced dental tools and medicines so that patients no longer have to worry about a long and painful method of dental treatment. Here are some reasons to prove that tooth extraction is no longer painful and scary.

It is no longer injected

If you are afraid of pulling your wisdom teeth due to the use of sharp tools, you should know that dentists now use other treatment options, such as nitrous oxide masks, for relaxation if the patient needs them. They can also use anesthetic sprays or gels to apply anesthesia to the affected area and anesthetize it sufficiently without the use of scary tools.

Do not use painful dental tools

If you hate the sound of dental instruments, you no longer have to worry about it. Today, dentists often use a laser system for treatment. This is an advanced revolutionary invention that is used for easy access and elimination of tooth decay without any inconvenience.

No knife

There is no need to worry about bloody, painful and swollen gums after tooth extraction. With advanced techniques such as laser technology, your dentist no longer needs to use invasive tools. In most cases, when extracting a tooth, your dentist gently moves your tooth back and forth using a special tool until it is loose enough to pull it out.

Now that you know how important painless tooth extraction is, here are more tips to convince you why you should choose it. Dentists use advanced dental tools for an efficient procedure. Patients no longer have to worry about pain and how long it takes.

Short recovery period

The period of bloody, painful and swollen recovery after tooth extraction is over. Because dentistry now uses advanced techniques such as laser technology and painless tooth extraction, you will return to full health in no time.


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