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5 tips to have a more beautiful smile

Have you ever thought about this? Everything that enters your body is mostly through the mouth, the most important of which is food. No matter how much healthy food you eat, a sick and unhealthy mouth and teeth will introduce more bacteria into your digestive system than bad nutrition!

For this reason, it is very important to observe oral and dental hygiene and have healthy teeth. You know that you should brush your teeth twice a day to keep your mouth clean; Is this enough? Many patients who need root canal treatment skip their regular brushing. What is the secret of healthy mouth and teeth?

Of course, more than brushing your teeth is involved in having a healthy mouth and teeth. The following tips will help you improve your oral health:

1. Brushing and flossing twice a day

Most of us brush our teeth twice a day and that’s the least we do! But do you floss twice a day? Flossing is as important as brushing. The bristles of the toothbrush cannot reach certain parts of the teeth, but the dental floss has the ability to reach the hard spots. Floss for at least 2 minutes and once a day. In addition to these tasks, use mouthwash regularly.

2. Take enough fluoride

You don’t have to buy fluoride from a chemist! You can pay attention to the fact that the water you drink and the toothpaste you use contain fluoride. Fluoride is very important for the strength of teeth and also to keep bacteria away.

3. Limit smoking and carbonated and alcoholic drinks

If you are able to do this, give up smoking and carbonated and alcoholic drinks completely. Smoking and drinking alcohol affect not only your oral health, but also your overall health. Smoking causes bad breath and alcohol weakens tooth enamel and makes your teeth susceptible to corrosion and decay.

4. Control diabetes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

If you have diabetes, you must work to control it. This disease reduces the risk of gum disease.

Diabetes acts like a catalyst in the exacerbation of gum disease, which you can help to improve and increase the health of your mouth and teeth with a healthy diet.

5. Visit the dentist twice a year

Make visiting the dentist in Canada part of your annual schedule. Believe it or not, regular visits to the dentist can help you prevent oral diseases. Even with timely diagnosis of oral cancer, it provides the possibility of complete treatment.


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