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5 things you should know about fluoride therapy

Taking care of your teeth is very important to maintain oral health. While people are aware of the importance of brushing and flossing, many people don’t understand why fluoride dental treatments are important for oral health. Fluoride treatments act as a preventative method against cavities and gum disease.

1. Fluoride is useful for all ages

Some people mistakenly believe that fluoride treatments are only necessary or beneficial for children! However, the fact is that many people do not use fluoride in their daily diet and eat things that destroy tooth enamel and the importance of tooth enamel is clear to everyone. So adults can also lack this important mineral.

Fluoride is a natural mineral that everyone should use to have healthy teeth. For this reason, people of any age should undergo fluoride treatment between one and three times a year.

2. Fluoride prevents cavities

What does fluoride do to make a tooth cavity resistant? Fluoride protects your teeth by coating the tooth enamel, which prevents bacteria from forming on the teeth. When the teeth are destroyed due to bacteria, then a cavity is formed. By coating the teeth with fluoride, you can make the teeth stronger and prevent cavities in the future.

3. You can lose fluoride on your teeth

  Some people lose minerals through their teeth, this process is called demineralization and can lead to dental problems. Some people lose their tooth minerals easily and are very susceptible. This dental problem can be genetic so you should visit the dentist regularly and undergo fluoride treatments, this will ensure that your teeth are well protected from mineral loss.

One of the things that can destroy tooth enamel and cause cavities are acids. Acids in foods and drinks can erode the minerals in the teeth.

4- Fluoride can be prescribed in several ways

Fluoride has a very concentrated formula that can be used as a foam, gel or varnish. When you visit the dentist’s office, the dentist will explain which method he uses. Fluoride may be applied with a brush or mouthguard and left on the teeth for a few minutes. Some fluoride treatments come as a mouthwash, while others are sprayed on your teeth. When the treatment process is over, the dentist will tell you not to eat or drink anything for the next half hour.

5. Fluoride poisoning is very rare

Excessive intake of fluoride is very rare among people, especially children. This happens if a person or child uses fluoride supplements; therefore, keep all fluoride products out of the reach of children and also allow the dentist in Canada to check and control all fluoride treatments.


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