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Necessary care after dental veneers

In this article, we will mention the necessary care after dental veneers, which is very important.

  • Do not eat chewable food for two hours after the veneer.
  • Use the opposite side of the mouth for chewing for 24 hours and do not chew with the side where the cover is attached. Of course, if the cover is glued on both sides of the mouth, you cannot follow this rule.
  • Brushing does not cause a problem, but please do not floss the area of this tooth on the first night. It is safe to floss other areas of the mouth.

If your cover is attached with temporary glue, pay attention to the following:

  • For two weeks, the cover is attached with temporary glue (this period may be more or less in some cases according to the doctor’s diagnosis) so that if there is a problem, the cover can be easily removed and re-attached after solving the problem. Note that we may have to send the work to the laboratory again to fix the problem. So please be patient with us to provide the best service. During these two weeks, avoid eating sticky foods such as cheese, chocolate, etc., because they may cause the coating to come off.
  • If your cover becomes loose during this time, don’t worry at all. Just be careful not to submerge the cover. Of course, the adhesive of your coating may be temporary, but this does not mean that the coating will come off very easily. So do not worry. But if the cover comes out of its place, without touching its inner surface, keep it in a dry tissue and contact the clinic in Canada to get it fixed.
  • After two weeks after the delivery of the cover, please contact us for permanent gluing of the cover with the prior arrangement.
  • If for any reason, the temporary crown remains, it must be checked by a dentist once a month, otherwise, there will be a high chance of decay.

To clean your prosthesis, pay attention to the following:

  • To clean your prosthesis, be sure to clean it every night before brushing your teeth with regular dental floss.
  • If your prosthesis is a bridge type, to clean it, you must use special dental floss called floss under the bridge or super floss. Please be sure to get it from pharmacies and ask us how to use it so that we can teach you.


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