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All about round face angulation

Angularization of the round face has been one of the types of medical procedures performed to change the face in recent years. The reason for this can be attributed to the change in people’s definition of beauty, because unlike in the past, round faces do not have many fans. Today, angular faces are considered attractive faces. Angularization of round face has different methods which we will examine in this article.

What does round face mean?

First of all, you need to know your face shape. In this case, you can understand whether you need round face angulation or you should go for other beauty methods.

In round faces, the length and width of the face are usually equal. These people have fleshy faces and usually the bones of their faces are not visible. The cheeks and chins of these people are also plump and big. A large percentage of people who have round faces also have chubby faces. This may make people look fat. For this reason, the owners of round faces pay special attention to the angulation of the face.

What is the reason for the popularity of round face angulation?

Angularizing the face makes it more attractive. All facial features have an effect on human beauty and this makes people pay attention to its details. Of course, beauty standards are different in different cultures. For example, Easterners like rectangular faces, while Westerners prefer V-shaped faces.

Of course, the passage of time has also played a role in this matter. In the past, round faces, strong bodies, big eyes and arched eyebrows were considered beauty standards. But now prominent cheeks, a beautiful smile and the angle of the face define the beauty of the face.

Among the angulation of different face shapes, round face angulation is more popular. Because it narrows the chin and makes the face younger. It also makes people look thinner. This is especially important for women who are overweight.

What is jaw angulation?

It should be noted that in many cases, the patients will need to correct the jaw relationship in order to correct the facial form, and the use of non-surgical methods such as fillers, etc. will not solve the problems of these patients, it will bring problems for them, and the recommendation for these patients is to correct the jaw and facial relationship.

Angularization of the jaw, of course, in some cases, the patient’s jaw will need silicone implants or porous polyethylene implants such as medpore to be angled. In fact, this surgery does not always reduce jaw bones and muscles. In some cases, the doctor angles the patient’s jaw by adding an implant. The process of planting implants is also done with general anesthesia and making an incision. Surgical incisions are made on the jaw line or the area below it so that if the scar remains after healing, it will not cause a problem in the person’s appearance.

What factors affect the angle of the face?

The angle of people’s faces is determined by their parents’ genetics and hormones also affect it. For example, if you take estrogen or progesterone, the shape and angle of your face will gradually change. It is also possible that various factors such as aging, sagging skin, accidents and burns can change the shape of people’s faces.

Ways to angle a round face

In general, all kinds of surgical and non-surgical angularization methods can be used for round faces. In the following, we have mentioned the methods used to angle round and circular faces.

Angulation with thread

Polydioxandone absorbable threads are used in this method. With the help of these threads, the skin can be stretched. These threads are placed under the skin and are absorbed after 6 to 8 months. This method is temporary and it is loyalty

Round face angulation with fat injection

In this method, the fat tissue of the abdomen or thigh is removed and injected. The duration of this method is 45 minutes to an hour, and contrary to what most people think, removing fat from the abdomen or thighs in this method is completely different from liposuction. Therefore, removing fat for injection does not play a role in reducing or increasing people’s weight.

Round face angulation with gel injection

This method has many fans and is easily performed anywhere on the face by injecting skin fillers and shaping it as desired. If your cheeks are shriveled due to aging or any other reason, the gel will be injected into those areas as well. It is easier and better to angle the chin in this method and it can be made into a V shape. This method will not have many results in many people

Gels made from hyaluronic acid and calcium have more fans because these substances are also found in the body. In this method, two methods of cannula and needle are used in the chin area. Its duration may be less than 10 minutes. The shelf life of round face angulation with filler gel depends on the type of gel and filler. It will last for 9-12 months.

In recent years, facial angulation with gel has been one of the most popular medical methods to create a jaw bone angle without surgery. In past years, round faces were among the most popular Asian faces. But over time, the aesthetic definitions of angular faces were introduced to people as the most beautiful face shape. For this reason, different methods of angulation of the face were invented. Angularization of the face is done in different ways, among which injection of gel or filler is more popular.

Everything you need to know about gel facial contouring

Facial angulation with fat

The angle of the face plays an important role in your beauty. In general, people with angular jaws are more aesthetically appealing. For this reason, many people tend to angle the face with fat. In some cases, the two sides of the face are not completely similar. For this reason, the doctor recommends fat injection to them. Angularizing is done in different ways, one of which is angularizing the face with fat. In this article, we have explained this method in a specialized way.

How is the angulation of the face done with fat?

Angularization and round face lift without surgery

Face lift is a kind of face angle treatment that can be used to make the face shapely and beautiful without surgery. In this method, regardless of your age, the jaw will appear more v-shaped and the face will be slimmer. Using non-surgical methods of face lift, the doctor can make the puffy lips of the face a little smaller and angle the jaw, make the upper part of the neck, especially the groin area thinner, and bring the chin forward a little.
This treatment method is very popular among Asian people who have round faces mainly due to genetic reasons. Also, after performing this cosmetic treatment, you will not need to rest after surgery, which is one of the main advantages of this method.

Round face angulation methods without surgery

There are various treatment options for changing the shape of the face and angularizing the round face. For this reason, in the first step, it is better to have a consultation with an oral, jaw and facial specialist to get information about the best treatment method and how to do it. In this situation, the doctor will design a specific treatment course for you by evaluating the structure, angles and proportions of the face as well as the general condition of the facial skin along with your desired image.
In the following article, we will examine different treatment options that your doctor may suggest one or a combination of them to shape your face.

Fat burner injection (Aqualyx)

Aqualyx is a new injectable compound made from a family of acids that destroys fat in different parts of the body. This solution is water-based and contains substances that bind to the walls of fat cells. Fat cells break after binding this substance and the fat in it dissolves in the body.
In other words, the acids in the fat burner cause the permanent destruction of fat cells and the released fat is discharged from that area through the body’s lymphatic system. Aqualix injection is more effective in areas where fat deposits have become very resistant and cannot be removed by modifying diet and exercise.
The remarkable thing about this method is that, unlike other methods, it is a permanent and irreversible treatment. When fat cells are destroyed, they are removed from your body forever.

How long does the process of angularizing the face and correcting its shape take?

The process of correcting the shape and angulation of the round face, depending on how many treatment methods are used, can take from 30 minutes to more than 1 hour. Most clients feel very mild pain during the procedure, which can be alleviated if needed with numbing creams or local anesthesia before the treatment begins.


Invasive methods are usually the dentist‘s last choice for angulation. In this method, the person is put under general anesthesia and the doctor makes incisions in the patient’s jaw. Finally, with the help of a drill and other surgical equipment, he makes the necessary changes in the patient’s jaw bone. Of course, an implant may also be used for angulation in the jaw.


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