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5 things that chocolate does to your teeth

Is there anyone who does not like chocolate? This food is very tasty and research shows that if consumed in moderation, it can have a positive effect on a person’s mood and emotions.

But even though our minds like chocolate, our teeth don’t like chocolate!

Although if we eat a certain amount of chocolate daily (especially dark chocolate), we help our body stay healthy, it may cause problems for our teeth. This is also true for milk chocolates, which have more sugar than dark chocolates.

Eating chocolate brings the following problems:

  1. A lot of sugar enters the mouth and this causes the growth of bacteria, dental plaque, and gum diseases.
  2. The bacteria inside the mouth turn sugar into acid and destroys the outer surface of the tooth.
  3. In this way, the tooth decays and has a hole.
  4. The sugar in chocolate accelerates the loss of tooth enamel.
  5. Chocolate can stain the teeth.

Does chocolate have an advantage?

Although consuming a lot of white or milk chocolate is harmful to the teeth, it cannot be said that chocolate lovers should avoid eating it altogether.

Some studies state that the polyphenols found in dark, raw, and unprocessed chocolate can help fight the overgrowth of living organisms, including bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath. Also, polyphenols can prevent the conversion of some sugars into acid and break the tooth enamel.

In addition, the flavonoids in dark chocolate can reduce the rate of tooth decay, and the antioxidants in dark chocolate are beneficial for the health of the body. These antioxidants can help fight gum disease.

Are there any special tips about chocolate consumption?

The main point that you should pay attention to is that you should observe moderation in consuming anything – for example, chocolate.

It is better to eat chocolate and other sweet foods with food. Acids in the mouth are neutralized within an hour after eating. Therefore, eating chocolate after dinner is much better than consuming it as a snack, because if it is eaten as a snack, it will cause your mouth to remain acidic for a longer period.

Also, visit the dentist regularly.

Eat a small amount of milk or white chocolate occasionally and enrich your diet with fresh vegetables and plain water.

Remember that dark and raw chocolate has more benefits than milk and white chocolate.

Take care of your oral health and don’t forget to check up.


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